Month: November 2007

Four more inches of snow on Friday so Don plowed again today .

SNOWMOBILING IN GAYLORD – The snowmobile trails open tomorrow in Otsego County. We got over 12 inches of snow, but it is very powdery. I saw a couple snowmobilers were on the trail last night , but the were sinking down to the ground and plowing 10 inches of powder. It’s supposed to warm up a little this weekend , then the snow will settle and should be better.
VIEW FROM TRACTOR CAB- Here is a picture I took yesterday from inside the cab inside the back shed looking out . You can see to the right part of my new addition . You can also see it’s a narrow spot at the gate to go through with the snowblower I have about 10 inches on each side so I got to be pretty centered.
DAY 3 AND WEIGHDAY – Deb and I made it through to day three of no junk food . Also today is weighday . Deb was pleased to lose one lb. and I was very pleased to lose 3 lbs. I am only 11 lbs. away from my goal of 175 lbs. I just can’t give up now. 50 lbs. is not easty to lose, but I am only 11 lbs. from it.
GREENBAY PACKERS- It was a bad evening for the Packers . With Brett Farve getting a shoulder injury in the second quarter things went downhill from there. Brett is not a quitter so I’m sure he will be back in the next game.
BACK SHED IS DONE- I got the last things done in the back shed this morning , oh yea!!
Acco Dozer Progress- I am officially working in the shop this afternoon on the Acco Dozer. (:>). Next after I finish the rear fuel tank I will build the two side battery boxes and the steps and the cab platform base.
STILL SNOWING in Otsego County – It is still snowing at noon in Gaylord on Friday so I could plow again tomorrow for the third day in a row.
Have a nice Friday


I just got back with the tractor from plowing 7 inches of fresh snow . Three days in a row of snowing and blowing kinda , sorta makes me think it’s not going to be a global warming type winter, (:>).
BACK SHED PROGRESS- Now that the new workshop is completed, I am also working on the back shed and almost have it done. It took a lot of work, but this is the first time this tractor has ever been able to fit inside this shed. It looks kinda like a tight fit, but I have 8 inches on one side and 20 inches on the other aside and four inches for the roof. So I don’t think I want to add anything to it , ha,ha. If you look to the right of the picture, you can see a corner wall and that is my old workshop . With this tractor parked in this shed, I can’t even open the door to the old workshop. That is where I will paint the models from now on.
SNOWMOBILE – Yesterday I pulled the snowmobile out of the back shed , it was parked behind the tractor where I was standing when i took this picture. It started right up so it looks like I will be taking it for a little ride this week.
DAY 2 OF EATING HEALTHY- Well, Deb and I made it through the first day without junk food. I ended up with 1600 calories yesterday and we are doing excellent today on our second day.
Broken snowblower- I pulled the tractor out this morning and tried to turn the chute and something broke. So I could not swivel the chute and had to swivel the tractor instead, ha,ha.
As I pulled the tractor in and started to close the door, one of the hinges broke. So it looks like I have a couple more projects to work on this afternoon. It is still snowing very steady and I should be plowing again tomorrow. Oh Yea !!
Have a nice Thurs.

Don’s Almost completed addition

DAY ONE ON OUR EATING AGAIN – Deb and I talked it over and said we have to restart our healthy eating at day one today. We just see us slipping on that slippery slope of junk again. Even though we were counting calories and not doing bad, we see the more junk we eat, the more we crave even more of it. This last week we had a Pepsi every night and the calories weren’t the problem, but the sugar in it gave us cravings for other things like chips and a candy bar. So today we are going to try to make it through one whole day with no junk. Sounds easy, but it isn’t. I am still 4 lbs. heavier than a week ago and so is Deb. So we are scared we may quit any day now.
We just came too far to quit, so we are going to make it just ONE DAY.
SNOWPLOWING IN GAYLORD- We got 4 inches of snow yesterday , but the 40 mph winds blew it around so much , I didn’t go plow it. The weatherman is saying 4 or 5 more inches tonight.
WORKBENCH – Here is a picture Deb took of me today of the 6 small doo-dad drawers I just mounted above the bench. You can also see a couple of the yellow air lines and the back wall you can see on the wall the red retractable air hose reel. I have overhead air hose access to all the benches. And with overhead electrical plugs, there won’t be anything to trip over. I also mounted one more 4 foot countertop I had left over on one of the drill press / belt sander rolling chests. I am officially done !!!!!!!!! I am very pleased how this small workspace turned out. It is only 18 x 24 but I have managed to utilize every inch of it. Well, Almost, I still got space above this bench for shelves and I have 12″ in one corner where the broom sits that could be used if needed if I move the broom outside , LOL.
OUTSIDE PROJECT- For ten years I have parked my tractor and snowblower down to the shed a mile away with the motorhome. I had no tools or welder there and it was hard to heat it if I had a breakdown . Now that I no longer have to use the back shed for my toy building , I decided that this winter I would somehow make the tractor fit in the back shed. It was not easy as it is very narrow and very low clearance. But after working a full week I managed to squeeze it in. Now if the snowblower breaks, I can heat up the back shed and have the welder and tools to fix it in comfort. I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow.
ACCO DOZER PROGRESS- Well, tomorrow is the day for me to officially get back to working on the Acco Dozer in my new workspace. It will take a little time getting used to all the new locations for everything , but should be very enjoyable.
SILVER SPADE STARTING DATE – The new shop project took a while so I am moving the starting date on the Silver Spade to the end of Dec. instead of the beginning . But it still looks good for me to cut out the first parts in Dec.
Have a nice Wed.

First blizzard conditions in Gaylord Today !

We are getting heavy snow all morning and 40 mph winds so it is looking like a blizzard outside. Two city snowplows just went by plowing our street.
It seems so nice just to walk out of my garage into my new addition without having to go outside . I won’t be doing any outside work today.
AIR HOSES – I been busy this morning running air lines and mounting the air hose retractable reel I used to have out in the other shed. I almost got that done and then i will mount a few small storage bins on the back of the 10 foot bench. Then I think I will be officially DONE !!!!!!!!!!! OH YEA !!
FIRST PICTURE OF SOUTH END OF MY NEW ADDITION- Todays picture shows the other end of my new addition . It has a 7 foot workbench too with drawers under it just like the one at the other end. Also you can see the bender mounted on the stand and some pictures hanging on the walls from out trip to the coal mines of Southern Va. to see James and his family. You can see me squeezed in a little open space, but the wastebasket goes where I am standing and then there is just enough room to open the drawers.
I may get to plow snow a second time this afternoon or in the morning. (:>).