Month: December 2007

First Acco Dozer pics and workshop video and 14 workshop pictures posted today .

Click here to see new workshop video

Go to the photo section and click on the ( workshop ) pics and you will see 14 newly posted pics of Deb, Nicole , Bill and I that we took yesterday in the workshop. You can see in a couple of the pics the partially completed progress on the Acco Dozer I am now working on.
We had fun in the workshop yesterday and the video shows us laughing and having fun. Deb even got to operate one of my power tools, ha,ha. The Vacuum cleaner, (:>).  The above picture was one of the 14 new pictures just posted. It shows Nicole shaping a steel pin on one of my belt sanders that will be attached on the front side edge of the Acco Dozer Blade side frame.
GREENBAY PACKERS one step closer to the SUPERBOWL- The toughest games are still ahead for the Packers. No matter what happens now, it has been a very fun season so far watching them do so well. There is one team I really want them to beat bad !!
UNHEALTHY LIVING UPDATE- Today is our last day of riding the junkfood rollercoaster, it has been a fun ride , but we are ready for it to end the ride and get off. Tomorrow I will post Deb and my results on the scales. It isn’t going to be pretty (:<). But we are fine with it whatever the scales say.
Have a nice Monday

Don’s two favorite Gems.

CHEESE AND CHOCOLATE FONDUE TONIGHT- The vacation with Nicole and Bill is winding down. Tonight is our once a year tradition of having fondue. Deb and I started doing this fondue over 30 years ago. We still have great fun one night of the year dipping goodies in melted cheese and other goodies in melted chocolate. umm !!
And I don’t think there are as many calories when you heat cheese and chocolate into the liquid form, (:>).
GLOBAL WARMING WINTER IN GAYLORD- We have only received 45 inches of snow so far this winter. Last year at this same time we had already had 70 inches. So it really is a warmer and much less snow so far.
WORKSHOP VIDEO TODAY- After lunch we will all go out in the shop and take some fun pictures and video and make a few more neat memories .
Healthy eating Progress- I’m glad I got all winter to get thin again , because I am going to be in shock next time I step on the scales,(:<).But no regrets, just a whole lot of fun times and well worth it.
Have a nice Sunday with the ones you love.

Eight inches of new snow and Don Campbell from Gaylord , Michigan says it’s great snowmobiling again.

I was up early starting up the tractor and plowing 8 inches of new snow. It was the perfect storm. Eight inches is a nice amount to get and it’s fun plowing and blowing it around .
Gaylord is holding snow-cross races today at the fair grounds and we just went by and looks like a great crowd. We needed this new snowfall as everything was very icy.
HEALTHY EATING UPDATE- No Comment, other than I got 3 more days not to think about it, ha,ha. Tomorrow night is our cheese and chocolate Fondue night , umm !!
SNOWBLOWER – Looks like I got the kinks worked out in the snow blower as it has been working excellent these last few storms.
WARM UP IN THE WEATHER- The forecast is for another warm up the end of next week so we could lose more snow so I better enjoy the snowmobile riding . (:>). This is a picture Deb took of me by my sled a few miles south of Gaylord in the small town of Frederick.
WORKSHOP VIDEOS- Tomorrow Nicole and Bill are going to work in the new shop with me for a couple hours and I am going to take some video of them making a couple patterns and parts for the Acco Dozer . The video will show them using the nibbler, knotcher, bender, band saw, and drill presses. Should be fun and you will be able to see a little more of my workshop too. Plus we can also watch TV out there and watch Green Bay try to beat the Detroit Lions, ha,ha.
PARENTS AND CHILDREN REVERSE ROLES.- It’s funny how kids and parents start to change roles at a certain age. Deb and I can see now that Nicole comes home and sometimes slips back into the little girl and we are the parents like old times. But now we are starting to see more and more of her taking charge and we are like the kids . I think that is very healthy and shows she is growing up and handling her responsibilities very well. We are fine with that as long as she doesn’t punish us , LOL.
We always see our time together with them as such fun and Bill sees the time with us and his family so fun . It sure is a juggling act trying to work each day out with everyones schedules. But we manage very well, and always have great vacations when they come home.
Have a nice Sat.

Deb and Don Blooper Picture

Here is a cute picture of me and Nicole standing downtown in Gaylord. Nicole usually takes great pictures so it was cute to post this blooper one and the one below this one . Not sure Deb and Nicole will appreciate it so much, ha,ha.
CLOSE CALL WRECKING MY TRUCK LAST NIGHT- We were out last night in my truck and the roads were very icy. We almost slid into two vehicles that had just crashed crashed head on 5 minutes prior, but I managed to slide by them on the shoulder of the road. Cars were going everywhere on the ice trying to avoid them . We were very lucky we did not hit someone or someone else rear ended us.
SNOWSTORM HERE NOW- We are seeing the snow coming down now in Gaylord. The weatherman is predicting 4 to 6 inches by morning. So it looks good for me to plow snow tomorrow one more time before New Years Day.