Month: September 2008

Truck builder Don Campbell’s Euclid R-62 Heavy Haul Progress.

COLD RAINY FALL DAY IN THE ALPINE VILLAGE OF GAYLORD- No ice in the bucket yet, but the leaves are turning colors. People are cranking on their furnaces for the first time. Not Deb and I , ?? We have other Methods of keeping warm ??, We just get on the treadmill and crank it up to 5.0 for about 30 minutes and that warms us up everytime, LOL
Day 12 and going strong- I know 12 days doesn’t sound like very long, but surprisingly I am losing that bloated feeling and that is a very good sign. I’m eating left over beef and brocolli for lunch today , mostly brocolli as even lean beef is pretty high in calories. When you only get 2000 calories, it adds up real fast.
WALL STREET – WOW !! , Somebody needs to hire a ringmaster , what a circus ??, ha,ha.
GOVERNMENT BAILOUT- WOW !! , somebody needs to get them a pair of boxing gloves, ha,ha. A no vote means absolutely nothing, as they will keep voting on it until they have paid off enough people for their votes to change the outcome. Now there are some votes well worth a million dollars each from lobbyists??
Just got to shake your head in disbelief that the so called smartest finacial people in America let this happen. And the saddest thing is, they don’t have a clue how to stop it.
EUCLID HEAVY HAUL LOWBOY- I am still working on the radiator and should get it done by tonight . Tomorrow I will start the engines.
THE GOOD NEWS – So the good news is God gave us today to enjoy and not worry about tomorrow.

Don Campbell starts his first half scale model , a 1929 Cat 10 crawler.

COOL CANADIAN AIR IN GAYLORD TODAY – Brr, it is sweatshirt weather today in Gaylord and a hard frost in the forecast will really start the leaves falling this week.
APPLE CIDER AND DONUTS – In two weeks we will meet up with the family and go get some fresh cider and donuts. UMM !! Well, One glass of cider and just ONE donut , ha,ha.
DAY 11 – Deb and I made it through the weekend at 100% counting 2000 calories and walking. So we are happy about that. It sure easy to to see how hard it would be to lose 100 or 200 lbs, because it really is hard just to lose 40 lbs. like we have to lose.
BRETTE FAVRE- I guess Brette changed my mind in a hurry yesterday as he played the game like the old days , he isn’t done yet, ha,ha.
DEB’S DEPRESSED- Deb was a little down this morning as she heard on the news that our Chinese supply of chocolate is tainted . And that the Cadberry chocolate company used that milk in their candy. Deb used to love Cadberry chocolate ? Not no More ??
HALF SCALE CATERPILLAR MODEL- Todays picture shows me holding up the top view of this Cat 10 crawler plans and you can see on the bench this weekend I cut out the first parts for it . I never built a half scale model before so it should be another fun project.
EUCLID TRUCK RADIATOR – This morning I cut out and bent the parts for the radiator. By tonight it should be mounted and the engine hood should be built too.
GOVERNMENT SAYS NO TO WALL STREET- I give our government a little credit today for saying no to Wall Street so far. At least the government realizes this is not going to help main street at all. With over 6 million homeowners on the verge of losing their homes, the government doesn’t feel just the wealthy bankers and wall street people need the help to bring back the economy? Maybe they will decide to include another stimulus check for everyone like the one we got in the spring , (:>).
Enjoy this day God has given us and don’t worry about things.
Deb and I worried our whole lives til a few years ago. We finally realized it made no difference to worry or not to worry. Life is much more pleasant for us not worrying. (:>).
HAVE A GREAT MONDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Money Design At The Bank ??

NERVOUS LOOKING DOLLAR BILLS- We went to draw out $100.00 in cash from the bank on Friday and Deb thought the bills looked different ?
When I counted out the bills it only added up to $50.00 ?? The bank teller said that is all one hundred dollars is worth these days ?? ha,ha.
DAY 10 – Deb looked it up and we made it 16 days in a row dieting in July. So I guess our short term goal now is to just beat that 16 day record. We were up and exercising today and still counting 2000 calories and doing great on day 10. Fresh cauliflower soup and a slice of whole grain bread and 2 oz. of grilled skinless chicken , for lunch today (:>).
SUNDAY MESSAGE- Eyes of a Child- We recently spent a week with Nicole and Bill on vacation. It’s funny how even at my age and Nicoles age I can still see the little girl in her . I catch myself seeing her laugh and I momentarily start to go back in time in my mind to a place at a park or a beach or playing outside with her cat or dog with her thinking of that same cute little laugh from many years ago.
Or when we were at the store buying the Wii game with her and seeing her big smile and excitment and I found myself going back in time again remembering so many fun memories of her looking that way on Christmas morning.
All the money she makes and all the responsibility she handles everyday , it is nice to see when she is with us , that fun little girl comes out again with her mom and dad.
Before we left her house last time, I hid a few $20.00 bills around the house knowing she always liked little surprises. So I been E-mailing her and giving her clues at work . So several nights when she got home she would add up the clues and find the little surprise.
She wrote me yesterday and said that it meant so much to her that I thought of doing that . she said something so small has made her days so fun at work thinking about it. She doesn’t know now if there are anymore or not so that is also making it continue to be fun.
I really think God sees all of us as his children too no matter how old we get. He remembers the fun times we have and the rough times. It doesn’t matter if we make one mistake or a hundred mistakes , he will always be there for us as I will always be there for Nicole .
This week Nicole will be wondering if she will get anymore clues , I’m thinking it looks pretty good, (:>).

Cat 10 Crawler in 1/12 scale built by Don Campbell in Northern Michigan .

HALF SCALE CAT TRACTOR- Here is a picture taken today after I just finished scaling up the drawings of this Cat 10 . Afew days ago I posted a picture of me sitting on a real one owned by Tom from Ill. So I am in the process of figuring the materials that would be needed to build it. Looks like another very fun model to build. And it will be my very first half scale model. (:>).
DAY NINE OF EATING HEALTHY- This weekend is critical for us as we have reached 8 days a couple times last month losing weight and then flopped back to junk food. So today we went to the farmers market and got fresh cauliflower for soup and fresh brocolli and lots of apples . So it is looking very good for today we are going strong !!
NORTH WIND AND HIGHS IN THE 40’S NEXT WEEK- Today is another awesome fall day in Gaylord. But the weatherman is saying mid-week the highs will only be in the high forties. I better go put the snowblower on, ha,ha.
EUCLID TRUCK PROGRESS- I finished the right side tanks and filters and lines yesterday . So now Monday I will start working on the front of the truck.
WINE TASTING EVENT- Nicole and Bill took off with 10 other friends to tour a few wineries in Northern Va. today. We did that a few weeks ago near Traverse City , even though we don’t drink any alcohol, it was still great fun walking around seeing all the drunks, ha,ha, just kidding !!