Month: October 2008


ORANGE HALLOWEEN TRUCK – I guess todays picture goes good with Halloween , nice and orange, (:>). You can see the painted trailer dollies are now mounted on wheels. Tomorrow I’ll post several pictures of the completed 10 foot long truck model.
IT’S FRIDAY – No matter what the weather , it’s always fun knowing it is Friday . Deb and I really like Fridays knowing we get to sleep in the next two days and have another fun weekend.
It’s 60 degrees here today and I am tempted to open the window , but I see a haze of smoke heading this way from the nice 101 year old neighbor lady’s chain smoking with her husband in their garage so I better leave the window closed,(:>).
I’m sure when Deb and I get that old , we will sit in our garage all day chain smoking too , but not yet ! , we still enjoy doing other things for now , (:>).
The New Black President – Despite what the pres is trying to say, we got us a new black President . The media is such a joke , all manipulated by the rich . Minorities have already got enough new votes to get Obama elected . Either way this country is going to get better nexk week and I am excited !!
If Mccain wins, we hope he lives long enough and if Obama wins, we hope he lives long enough , we got some crazy people that already are after them. Very Sad we can’t get all get along and enjoy our short time on this earth .
THE GOOD NEWS – God gave us one more day so lets all go out and enjoy it and not worry about anything. HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!


CRUNCHY MORNING IN GAYLORD- 23 degrees really makes things crunchy , but the sun is shining nice and bright in my shop windows and it feels great !!
RICHEST MAN LOST – A Spanish billionaire said this morning he has lost 28 billion dollars in the last four weeks in the stock market.
He said these are the days right now very similar to the year before the great depression. He said we should not be going in debt anymore , but should start paying down our credit cards , and getting less debt. Or the economy will never recover.
LAST WHITE PRESIDENT- With so many white people so fed up with the goverment , surprisingly few of them are even voting this year. So it is going to be no surprise we got us a new black president next week. . He sure can’t do any worse than where this country is today ? If he stays away from his childhood terrorist friends and and lets us still believe in God, he could just do ok as our President. (:>).
FAILED DIET UPDATE- I have lost my enthusiasm , Deb is still doing good so we’ll just take it one day at a time. I bought me a small bag of jelly belly jelly beans last night , although I did not eat any of them, I got a feeling I might tonight, ha,ha.
Hey, life is short, if we can find some kind of in between balance with our weight , I guess that is worth something, ha,ha.
EUCLID PAINTED- Todays picture shows the Heavy Haul Lowboy frame and cab parts all painted and just sitting on the truck frame . You can also see all the wheels for the big heavy haul trailer.
HAVE A GREAT THURS. , and remember to stay positive , as there is always someone who has it ten times worse than you .


MORE SNOW AND SALT – Our second day with a dusting of snow , but today it was 28 degrees and ice too . So the City of Gaylord plows were out salting the roads. The intersections were very icy as we got a mix of freezing rain too overnight .
CORVETTES AND ICE – It has been 35 years since I drove one of our Corvettes in the snow. The short wheelbase and the high hp just don’t handle the best , ha,ha. I took this picture of the Vette in the snow in the front yard this morning to have a little fun in the snow. Now I’m done, and the snow can leave, ha,ha.
THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES !!- Hey, it was just a joke that Deb found on the internet about me running for President, , ha,ha. But Gee ! , thanks for all your support and votes !! Maybe i would have a chance at President , LOL I’m surprised how many of you liked my ideas for just the first day (:>). I remember now I don’t like snow as much as I used too , ha,ha.
FUEL UP – I see crude is is teetering up now and could start going up more , it could be close to a bottom so I went and fueled everything up this morning just in case.
HALF PERCENT DROP FROM THE FED NO HELP FOR MAINSTREET- When asked on the news last night what the half percent drop from the fed would do to help mainstreet, they said , NONE ! Only help for the banks and wall street , hmm , haven’t we already helped them enough , ha,ha. How about a few hundred billion heading to mainstreet .
LAST WHITE PRESIDENT – We may be seeing history in the making alright. This very well could be the last white President we see for many years. With minorities flocking to the polls in unheard of record numbers already, these folks can’t let this slip away now .
I’m sure it is going to be a landslide election !! , will be very interesting to watch how things turn out ???
PAINTING TRUCK PARTS – Yesterday I got all the parts painted except the lowboy trailer . So this afternoon I should get that painted too.
HALF SCALE CAT 10- Tomorrow I will get going on the Cat ten again.
HAVE A GREAT WED. !!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget to tell someone in your family that you love them ? God Bless


DONCAMPBELLMODELS FOR PRESIDENT , If Elected, The First thing, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

(CLICK HERE TO SEE ME ON THE NEWS LAST NIGHT )and then click on the news screen with the capitol.
My first day in office would go like this ,
1. If I am elected the first order of business is to send for several buses to D.C. and pick up every politition and lobbyist and drive them out of the city and ban all of them from Wash. D.C. with no pensions or retirement . Americans have already paid them in full !!
2. Give the power to THE PEOPLE !!! 100% of the vote from the people in real America would decide every new law and change old laws!!
3. No more perks !!, ZIP, ZAP NONE !!!,
4. imports and exports ??? The People decide that !!
5. American companies moving overseas ??, The people decide what to do with them jerks !!
6. No more bailing out millionaire buddies with years of failing companies with billions and billions of dollars !!
7. No wars without the president on sight 100% of the time ,til the war is over with 50 live cameras on 24/7 so America can decide each day to end it.
8. NO more foriegn oil as of TODAY !! Spend all resources for alternative energy.
9. Ban auto makers from U.S. that make vehicles that get less than 35 mpg.
10. Eliminate Wall street and that high priced casino !!
11. All the millions and millions of dollars ex presidents make would go back into the government to pay back all the wasted money they spent in office.
This would be my personal ideas on my first day in office , but you the people would decide 100% on every single subject, not me !!
I thank you all for your votes !!!!!!!!!!!! (:>).
P.S. I would be very interested in your opinion to bring back God in our government and our country !!