Month: November 2008

Hi-track Wheelchair with snowplow attachment?

WHEELCHAIR- As I get older I find myself occaisionally seeing people in wheelchairs and thinking the day is coming for me to be in one of those . But I will try to make the adjustment as smooth as possible. But don’t think I would settle for just a average wheelchair?, oh no , ha,ha.
I saw this picture I am posting today showing a hi-trac wheel chair and it got me already started thinking how i could modify it for winter use. My idea would be to build a small front snowblade for it ?(:>). I’m sure I would be the only old guy on the block plowing snow in a wheelchair , ha,ha.
Don’t think for a minute I’m crazy?,
I would only plow about 10 accounts, LOL After all, I would have to come back and charge up the batterys once in a while, (:>).
CATERPILLAR 10 TRACTOR – Yesterday I worked on the tension spring parts. Tomorrow night I should have the first track assembly done. (:>).
COUNTDOWN TO CHIRSTMAS DAY – Even now at our age, Deb and I still get that little boy and little girl feeling of excitement when Dec. 1st gets here.
Deb starts putting out all of her angel collection around the house and her snowman collection on all the window ledges. It really does make the house look very festive.
We always start counting down to Nicole and Bill with us Christmas morning and all of us sitting down by the tree and with the Christmas music playing and the smell of ham and fresh pie baking in the oven . A plate of fresh made Christmas cookies and another memory of Deb and Nicole making them each year together.
To me Christmas morning is the official end of the year and the start of the new year.
This tells me we had another year of doing good and this is when I count my blessings . Looking at all the gifts is like a reward for another year of hard work.
As I look at all the gifts under the tree , I also really do thank God for another year of happiness . I am always very grateful we all made it one more year knowing thousands of people who did not .
We live a very simple life but Deb and I both have a content feeling inside all year long with what little we have. We know the real secret to happiness to have a inner contentment of what we have and not to look around at so many who have so much more.
We are happy for those people too who are rich and have everything money can buy. Sure I have moments when it would have had been awesome to be very rich and have everything . But that is not how our life was written or will ever be. So as we count down again this year the days in Dec. we will once again appreciate the few things we do have and once again give all the glory to God .
Deb and I always plan on the worst and hope for the best . That way we are rarely dissapointed or caught off guard mentaly , physically, or financially.

Roof shoveling in Gaylord, Michigan

THIRTY INCHES OF SNOW IN NOV. – Here is a picture of Deb showing the snow on the shed roof out back. We ended up getting 30 inches in Nov. , compared to 11 inches last Nov. I sure hate globel warming, ha,ha. It isn’t thirty inches on the roof because the wind blows it around a lot, but it still needs to be shoveled off. This is a good start for this winters average 170 inches of snow in the Gaylord area.
I have most of the snow off the roof of the house and my workshop now , and I just finished cleaning the snow off the hottub. So I still have to do the back shed. As i get older I work on it over a few days. I used to do it all in one afternoon.
But in my “Golden Years” Contract, it says I can take as long as I want, ha,ha.
BLACK FRI. – Deb and I went to a few stores yesterday and things were really hopping. But surprisingly the lines at the checklanes were not bad at all. We bought a few household type items and some Cat 10 Track assembly springs at the TSC Farm Store, but no more Christmas shopping yet .
CALORIE UPDATE- Yesterday I wrote down my calories for the first time in a couple weeks and it helped a lot. I ended up eating half as much as if I hadn’t counted them. I’m still up every morning walking on the treadmill , but i do find it is harder with a fresh donut in each hand, LOL
Plus all the snowshoveling outside is more great exercise. Toy building is not much exercise , but it sure is fun.
SNOWMOBILING – Now we got some snow and the snowmobilers and skiers should be heading north pretty soon. That will help the economy in Northern Michigan a few weeks earlier.
CAT 10 TRACK ASSEMBLY- I got the first side track frame bogie wheels built and bolted to the side channel frames. Now I am working on the tensioning parts. I am just going to work on one side until it is done, then I will post the first picture. After it is completed, I will go back and cut out the parts for the second track assembly. I will use the same patterns and it should go a little bit quicker.
HAVE A GREAT SATURDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day five Don Campbell plowing snow in November.

FOUR DAY WEEKEND – Even though Deb has a four day weekend, I had to get up today and get the John Deere Tractor out and go to work ? Well, I have to be honest, (:>), even after 18 years of plowing snow in Gaylord, I still have to admit I still enjoy it very much. So just getting to get paid to play in my tractor is almost like getting a day off too , ha,ha. I Crank up the heater and the stereo and it is almost like sitting in my recliner in the living room , ha,ha.
THANKSGIVING DAY- We had Great Food , Great Football , Great friends and Great memories and we consumed a LOT of great Calories (:>)
CHRISTMAS SHOPPING – Deb and I might go do a little light shopping this afternoon around Gaylord. The roads are pretty slippery so I’m sure there are going to be a few fender benders.
Our serious Christmas Shopping is done, but we still always get a couple more things if we see something special.
CAT 10 TRACK ASSEMBLY- I got the first set of tracks done and I am working one the first bogie wheel assemblies . I figure next Friday evening the track frames should be completed. So two weeks from today the half scale Cat 10 should be ready for body work and paint. I am very happy how the tracks are looking. As soon as I get the first track assembly completed , I will post the first progress picture.
Have a great FRIDAY !!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING , it was another great year of our golden years.

SUMMER OF 2008- Here Deb and I sit with 22 inches of snow in Nov. and slippery roads and we know we will now stay close to Gaylord until spring.
Our spring trip and our fall trip to D.C. were great as usual with Nicole and Bill.
For the first time we stayed a full week camping at the Soo Locks. We had fun in the motorhome taking the Silver Spade model to Indy.
And this summer we spent the most time with my folks as we have in several years. So I am very thankful on this day before Thanksgiving for another great summer of fun memories.
OUR GOLDEN YEARS- Deb and I decided several years ago to use our golden years up early when we turned 50 years old. We think it is working out much better between 50 and 60 than 65 to 75. We still got a few years left and then we will both have to get jobs at Wal-mart . Deb will be a checker and I will be a Wal-mart Greeter at the door, (:>).
We will do that from ages 60 to 65 then when we hit the magic number of 65 years old we will cash in on retirement and all the goodies and perks that go with it !! LOL Then all our worries will be over knowing the government will take very good care of us, (:>).
We will probably lose our house and our cars and my tractors , but hopefully we will still be able to afford the motorhome and we will become campground hosts from age 70 to 80 . Then at 80 , I think we will take up smoking like our nice 101 year old nice neighbors . Seems that could be the real secret to living to 100 , ha,ha. I see their garage window open and the smoke rolling out the window everyday , all day long. Evidently they don’t smoke inside the house.
WI BOWLING – Deb and I still have fun bowling almost every night and playing tennis, golf and baseball on the Wi game . Deb also bought the Wi fit game and she walks with it a lot. So it has been a great investment to help pass the six months of winter in Northern Michigan .
ROOF SHOVELING- With over a foot of snow on the roofs now , I started pulling it off with the roof rake and that is not bad. But when it lands on the driveway and sidewalks it packs like cement and the walk-behind snowblower won’t move it and I can’t get my big tractor out back . So I have to move it all by hand. So it is a pretty good little workout at my age chopping that hard ice and snow and moving it 30 feet out back off all the rear sidewalks .
CATERPILLAR TRACK CHAIN – I now have all the track links done and pinned together. Now I am starting the process of attaching the pads to the chain.
TWO MILLION VISITORS- Another very exciting thing for me this year was hitting one million visitors to my webpage. Even though it took several years to do it , it was very exciting for me. Thanks again everyone who continues to visit my daily blog.
I’m not even thinking about hitting 2 million , I’ll probably be working at Wal-mart by then and I’ll have to change my blog on my break ? LOL