Month: January 2009


NEW JOHN DEERE SNOWPLOWING VIDEO FROM TODAY ON YOU-TUBE !!, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

NEW FENDERS – Todays picture shows my John Deere before the new fenders , the 2 new movies from this morning show the new improved , non splashing Don Campbell special custom fenders (:>). Along with my Don Campbell special custom front fenders and mud flaps , today no salt splashed on the cab windows !! So my little project was a great success!! Yippee !!
( click here to see movie number one )
I took movies driving down the road showing the nice clean windows as I drove on the messy roads.
CAT 966C LOADER PROGRESS- I worked more on the operators platform attaching the seat, the seat surround metal , the air cleaner , some of the diamond plate floor, the loader lever console, and both fuel tanks are now attached to the loader platform.
SUPERBOWL SUNDAY – The big day is almost here. My cousin is in Florida with my folks and has already gone to check out the stadium. Hope he don’t lose those $3,200.00 Superbowl tickets. If we had them, that would be Deb’s responsibility , ha,ha.
DAY 27 – We are going strong on our diet but tomorrow might be the hardest day yet wanting a few Superbowl goodies ??
Have a great Saturday !!


PLOWED SNOW THIS MORNING – Today is the last day of January and I got one more snowplowing in this morning. It was a slow month for plowing as I only plowed 8 times all month . Compared to last months 15 days of plowing. That’s fine, nothing we can do about the weather?, just try to enjoy each day regardless.
NEW SNOWPLOWING VIDEOS – This morning I took the camera and took some new video of me plowing with my new fenders, (:>).
Deb will post them later today and I’ll update the page again this afternoon.

Marion 8750 Dragline Video

Dragline Model in action- Deb posted a video on You-Tube today of these two monster dragline models and me up close watching them digging dirt just like the real ones. The fellow that ownes them told us he is not a welder nor does he work with steel. So over the years he hired others to build the parts from his specs and then he did do all the electrical work involved in hooking everything up to work exactly like the real ones !! He worked all his life hooking up the electronics in the brand new real ones all over the world.
He sure left quite an impression on us that day (:>). My Silver Spade Model looks pretty small compared to these working models.
( Click here to see the model in action. )
PLOWED SNOW WITH NEW FENDERS – We got a few inches of snow so I got to try out my new fenders . It was plenty sloppy and salty too !! Good news, no slush on the side windowsof the cab ,
bur I really saw how much slush is now thrown up from the front tires . So I am putting 6 inch rubber mud flaps on the bottom of the front fenders. My goal is to be able to get back home with the tractor and have it nice and clean , ha,ha.
LOST 8 LBS. – I weighed in today and I have lost 8 lbs. now this month so counting calories is paying off. I barbecued some skinless chicken on the grille yesterday after I shoveled my way to the grille. It was only 8 degrees while I was grilling . The good thing is I can shovel snow on the back walkways while I am grilling (:>).
Is that what they call multitasking ??
NO TOY TRUCKER MAGAZINE – We drove to the TSC Tractor Supply Store last night to buy a couple issues of Toy Trucker Magazine . I was told my Silver Spade Model was featured in the Feb. issue. Kevin Anderson told me yesterday he got his issue and it is a very nice 4 page article in color. We got to the magazine rack but we did not see next months issue yet. Maybe this weekend.
CAT 966C LOADER – I got the side tanks cut out and shaped and I did more on the platform .
BAILOUTS JUST ANOTHER SCAM – It’s hard to believe folks on mainstreet are getting the shaft again . This time it is the biggest ripoff in the history of the world. Between Wall Street, the big three in Detroit, the Banks , the news said they are all lining their pockets with billions in bonuses from the bailout money. And look at the oil companies profits today !! Very sad the wealthy can’t let the middle class even live good anymore. Seems they want everyone else to be poor and have nothing . Sure makes me glad I am a Christian (:>).
Have a great Friday !!

International Paystar 350 Custom Tractor- Trailer rig Video and me driving it , on You-Tube !! (:>).

International-Paystar 350 Dumptruck – This truck I am standing next to getting ready to hop in the cab and drive it is one of two units that the dump box was removed and a bottom dump trailer was hooked up too. The day we were at the job sight the owner drove it down in the pit for a load of mud and got it stuck and had to get puled out with a dozer. So when I drove it , I stayed up on high ground. It would have been fun to haul a few loads and dump them like I did with the Mack Pack . Even though this Truck had four wheel drive, it just sat in the mid spinning trying to drag the heavy trailer . The Mack Pack drove through the same mud spots loaded with much better results.
This the the video Deb posted on You-Tube today and will attach a live link to it later this morning. ( click here to see new video )