Month: March 2009

Liebherr R9800 Mass Excavator frame being built my Gaylord Toy Builder, Don Campbell .

Liebherr 9800 – Todays picture shows the first step to building the large swivel structure the cab and the boom mount too. This part of toy building requires a good imagination. It sure don’t look like much at this point. But I guarantee in two weeks , you won’t even think this is part of the model. But this is what the sheet metal has to have under it to be good and strong . This model will weigh over 100 lbs. and the model has to be sturdy to have people lifting it and moving it around without bending anything. This is the center frame that will make it very strong. You can see some of the many corner gussets welded in place. I will be done with this this afternoon and get going on the first side of the sheet metal .
GREAT LAKES SHIPPING – It’s been the slowest start on the Great Lakes in many years . Many ships have not even begun to prepare for the first voyage with the steel mills running at less than half speed or closed down completely until things pickup again.
EIGHTY FIVE DAYS – Today is Deb and my 85th day of counting calories . We have not lost much weight at all surprisingly , but we have not gained either so that is good. Most people have gained another five lbs. since last year. With more cold weather and no nice days in sight , we continue to just walk inside on the treadmill.
APRIL 1ST- Now that April is about here, we know we are bound to get a few nice days very SOON. (:>).
AUTO INDUSTRY- 50% drop in car sales. With over 12 million people out of work, or taking a major pay cut and cut hours to part time? , continuing to bail out the auto industry is worthless. Instead let the government give the next 10 billion dollars to families to pay half down on a new vehicle from the big three. Now that would help the companies even more , ha,ha. (:>).
DANCING WITH THE STARS AND AMERICAN IDOL , the weather channel , and the food network are the only reasons we even have a TV. There is so much nonsense on TV these days , what a waste of energy, ha,ha. (:>).
HAVE A GREAT TUES. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole and Bill enjoying cruise ship vacation no. four .

Here is a nice picture of Nicole and Bill getting ready to go to dinner on the cruise ship. They sure do enjoy these trips. They will be cruising to Alaska this year too.
Nicole said the 3 weeks in Italy was great fun last fall but these little boat rides are great too.
Bill and Nicole have a lot of fun together and we always look forward to our vacations with them. Our Atlantic City trip will be great fun this year with them.
WINTER WONDERLAND – Today looking out the window it looks like the middle of winter again. Snow everywhere and no melting yet today.
CAMPING BUG- I am getting anxious to go camping this year, last year we did very little because we did not want to pay the high gas prices. But after this long winter, we are now saying it is crazy sitting home in the summer with the next long winter here again before we know it. So we are going to do more camping this year again.
DEB HAS NEXT WEEK OFF- Spring break for the school kids is next week so Deb has the whole week off. Depends on the weather what our plans will be. If it is cold and snowy, we will just stay around Gaylord.
LIEBHERR R9800 EXCAVATOR- Today I am crunching numbers and laying out the design for the main structure . I just cut out the first parts for the frame .
There is a second picture of Nicole and Bill below this one with the cruise ship in the background.
HAVE A GREAT MONDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toy Truck Model , Don Campbell’s completed Berliet 700 Oilfield Truck weighing over 30 lbs.

MY LATEST CREATION – Todays picture is one of 6 finished pictures I just posted of the Berliet Oilfield Truck Model. There are 5 more pictures in the truck section under photos. In the background you can see the sun has melted the snow in this spot . But today it looks much different , ha,ha.
SPRING SNOWSTORM- I was up this morning starting up the tractor and plowing 5 inches of heavy wet snow with no frost left in the ground. So it is a muddy mess. Now it is very easy to dig up peoples lawns . But I’m happy to say I had no divits today , yippee !!
Everyones lawns had no plow damage from me today. (:>).
DEB SAYS – NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to having another baby (:>).
Deb and I had a family meeting and SHE decided it would be best not to pusue that any further, LOL
CRUISE SHIP- Nicole and Bill just returned from a week on a cruise ship . This is their fourth cruise and they are going to Alaska this year too on another Cruise. She wants us to go with them on a trip, but after she told us the cruiseship was rocking so much in the high waves that the swimming pool water was coming out the sides of the pool , we said , NO THANKS !! They even had a ice skating rink on this ship.
We don’t like flying and we don’t like bobbing around in the ocean like a cork , ha,ha.