Month: April 2009

Liebherr R9800 Armour Cab being built by Northern Michigan Man.

Liebherr Cab ready for battle – Todays picture is the cab for the 1/12th scale Liebherr R9800 Mass Excavator I am building . I just finished cutting out 50 pieces of steel for the protective louvers that cover the glass in the cab windows. It reminds me of a Armoured vehicle the military might use. Today I am working on the cab interior and the last big part of the model as I begin to build the operators seat and the inside console and joysticks.
END OF HUMANITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!- Today as I opened the curtain to let the beautiful sun shine in the office , I sat down and turned on the computer only to read ! , Swine Flu , The End of Humanity !!
All I could think of is Deb and I have sat around all winter and have been patiently waiting for our first vacation in May . Each day we have been slowly counting down until we finally get a nice break with nice weather. And now it’s the end of Humanity ?? We just can’t seem to time our vacations right , ha,ha.
But I am looking at it positive and I can’t think of a better time or place for the end of Humanity than for Deb and I in Washington D.C. with Nicole and Bill. (:>).
With most news agencies in real trouble and on the verge of going under, it is important they grab attention anyway they can.
Thirty-Nine thousand people died last year from the flu , so far one person has died in the U.S. from the Swine Flu.
So I’m betting our vacation will be great fun despite the news headline this morning , ha,ha.
SOO LOCKS CANCELLED – I read today that they changed their minds and now have cancelled the 490 million dollar super lock project . Many people are shocked because it was already ok’d.
But plans are still a go for 17 million in updates on the current locks.
CHINESE TAKE-OUT – Deb and I spluged last night and went out for supper to the Chinese Resturaunt , umm , it was heavenly !!
Although we shared one meal, it was still over 4000 calories total.
OUCH !! , but great fun.
Just our way of saying THANKS to the Chinese for all their generosity keeping America with Trillions in Bailout Money. I sure hope we don’t have to pay it back right away ?
Morel Mushroom – We will get with our friend this weekend to see if we can get us a batch of early, dark Morels. It could be the weekend they start popping up as we have had rain and a couple warmer nights.
WHO’S YOUR DADDY – Nicole’s husband Bill has a identical twin brother Fred, Fred’s wife Lindsey just had a new baby girl . We are also looking forward to seeing the new little baby on our vacation in D.C. .
I can’t help but wonder if the little baby will do a double take once in a while when she sees them both together , ha,ha. and wonder, Who’s My Daddy ?? (:>).

Liebherr R9800 Track Assembly’s and Track Pads being built by Toy Builder Don Campbell .

Liebherr Tracks- Todays picture shows the tracks laying loose over the track frames for the first time. Once they are connected and the tension is applied they will tighten up . You can also see some of the other parts I am working on. I am still planning on this weekend to get it completed and start doing the final sanding and start priming the parts on Monday.
MOREL MUSHROOM FRIEND HAS THE FLU- Another person we know has a real bad case of the flu , our mushroom friend . He said he has never been so sick before and it’s been over three weeks now. I sure hope he recovers soon so we can go mushrooming with him.
DIET UPDATE- Deb and I are in a slump , we have not stopped counting calories and we have not stopped walking everyday . But this shows that your body adjusts and you just can’t lose weight without starving and increasing the daily hour of exercise to even longer. We just don’t want to starve all summer and not have any fun.
So we are just accepting this is who we are and we have to be happy with our fat , chubby bodies , ha,ha.
NO MORE PONTIACS – Deb and I have had several Pontiacs over the years and it is a surprise they are saying they are discontinuing them. But something has to go as our government is now the only reason that GM and Chrysler are still open. They don’t have a clue how to run these companies and more and more Americans are not going to buy anymore American cars. They feel they are too expensive and too cheap . A Ford Focus is now over $20,000.00 Very Sad.
NEW SOO LOCKS , BUT NO BOATS- For the last thirty years they have tried to get the government to agree to build a new , larger locks at the Soo . Now it has finally been passed and next month there wil be a ceremony for the ground breaking. But it couldn’t have happened at a slower time in history . This is the slowest start to the shipping season in over 40 years and it is expected to stay slow the whole season. But we will still go camping this summer to the Soo Locks, boats or no boats, ha,ha.

Don Campbell checks out a new Kubota at Ginops Equipment in Indian River.

Ginops Kubota Dealers- We have three different Ginop Kubota Dealers in Northern Michigan . So it is fun to stop and drive through and check out the new tractors. The day we were at this dealership they had over 100 brand new tractors on the lot. That is a awful lot of inventory for this slow economy.
Cold North Wind – The sun is shining today but the air is cold today with the Canadian wind coming down .
Morel Mushrooms- No morels yet , but our mushrooming friend is laid off so he plans on going out a lot this season so that is great.
Excavator Progress- I am busy cutting out the last 40 or 50 parts to complete the fabrication process by this Friday .
Swine Flu – My folks have the flu, my aunt has the flu, my cousin has the flu, and my sister has the flu, kinda makes you wonder if this swine flu is much bigger than we are hearing ??
HAVE A GREAT TUES. !!!!!!!!!!!

Metal Artist Don Campbell Liebherr R9800 Track frames and car body progress

Liebherr track frames- Todays picture is the first one of the progress on the track frames that will support the actual crawler tracks.
You can see the nine bogie wheels that the tracks rest on. Also you can see the front roller wheels and the rear drive wheels. Both track frames are now attached to the center car body frame.
GAYLORD MEIJERS STORE CONTRIBUTES $100.000.00 to Gaylord. – It didn’t take long for the people from the new Gaylord Meijers Store to hand out some contributions to the people of Gaylord. The store has only been open less than a week and they are already showing their generosity by donating $100,000 to needy causes in Otsego County.
MOREL MUSHROOM WEATHER – A warm , rainy night last night in Northern Michigan is perfect for popping up those early dark Morel Mushrooms. Umm !!
Great Lake Freighters tieing up after just four weeks. Several ships have been ordered to tie up and shut down their engines already. A blast furnace at a steel mill breaking down has caused this.
STOCKBROKERS MAKING RECORD INCOMES- At a time when many people have lost their life savings and many more have lost over 50% of their life savings in the stock market, seems the Stimulus Package made it’s way to the pocket books of the stockbrokers just fine. They continue to get record raises just as if we were still in last springs great economy. Something is very fishy?
WEBPAGE STATS- As I hit one and a quarter million visitors last month to my webpage, and visitors from a whopping 8,000 towns and cities around the world, now with the nice weather , my weekly visitors always drop during the summer months by about a thousand a month. I average around 21,000 visitors each month during the winter and hover around 20,000 visitors a month in the summer. I still can’t believe I still have a webpage after five years.
Thanks again everyone for continuing to visit doncampbellmodels.
Have a great Monday !!!