Month: May 2009

Parrots Landing Jeep and Dunebuggy Rentals and Don and Debbie Campbell from Gaylord, Michigan ready to climb some sand dunes this afternoon.

JEEP RENTALS – Todays picture shows Don and Debbie Campbell ready to head to the sand dunes for a little hill climbing in this little Red Jeep. Parrots Landing Jeep Rentals in Silver Lake, Michigan have over 10 nice shiney Red Jeeps to rent. They had so much fun , they are going back again .
( CLICK HERE ) to see our weekend pictures at the Sand Dunes .
The slow economy is not slowing down this Otsego County couple from having their third weekend of fun already. After six rough months of ice, and snow they aren’t waiting any longer to get out and enjoy the warmer temps.
Although Gaylord residents did wake up this morning to frosty white lawns as temps dipped last night in the mid 20’s.
It would be fun to take Nicole and Bill to rent more Jeeps this summer .
The Golden Years – The Campbell’s told us that they were not waiting until 65 to enjoy their golden years,instead they told us they started at the age of 45 just in case the economy collapsed in the future. They jokingly commented by saying they will probably go back to work once they reach 65 knowing they fully enjoyed their golden years.
As I watched this very nice couple who looked like were best friends in a 37 year marriage drive off in their motorhome heading to a new adventure, I really hoped that my life would someday be like theirs.
Article written by the Campbell’s close friend Jimmy.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes , Gaylord Couple Returns after 30 years.

Jeeps, offroading , hillclimbing , dunebuggies and Sand dunes – Gaylord Couple , Don and Debbie Campbell spent the first 10 summers together driving to Silver Lake Sand dunes. Over the ten years Don built several rail dunebuggies. This weekend they returned to Silver Lake and camped in the Silver Lake State Park for the first time in 30 years. This picture shows Don and Debbie this morning with the sand dunes in the background. But this time they rented Jeeps and enjoyed the afternoon climbing hills in comfort.

O&K Terex Hydraulic Front Shovel Bucket being built in 1/12th scale by Model Builder Don Campbell from Otsego County.

O&K Terex RH-400 Mining Shovel – Todays Picture shows Don with the front clam bucket shape roughed in and attached to the boom and stick. Don is holding up the very first two parts for the 8 hydraulic cylinders that will be needed for the front portion of the massive mining machine model.
IT’S FRIDAY , YIPPEE ! For twenty years I worked in the grocery business working a couple nights a week and working every Sat. and every other Sunday morning. Even though that was a long time ago, I still love Fridays knowing I don’t have to work weekends . These days if I work on the weekend in the shop, it is because I want too . I love making these one of a kind models. But this summer Deb and I are going to enjoy not working weekends .
Every weekend we sat home last winter staring out the window at the icy roads and the cars all crashed into each other and all the salt on the roads and all the snowmobilers screaming by ? oh, I guess that would have been ME too , ha,ha. Anyway, every week we set $50.00 aside to put in the bank under ( summer fun money ) (:>).
$3.00 A GALLON GAS PRICES – This morning at 6:00 am on our morning walk I saw the gas station at the corner had unleaded regular gas at $2.69 a gallon.
There is no shortage of oil now , consumption is down by over 30% in this country with all the truckers, construction machines and airplanes and auto owners cutting way back . So it is just summer scalping of the consumer.
STIMULUS MONEY – They said on the news this morning that we need to be patient as in just one and a half years we should start to feel the effects of the stimulus money ? Unless China wants it all back by then , ha,ha. then we are in very big trouble, ha,ha.
Soda is unhealthy – I read that the experts are now saying drinking colas are not good for you. If I think back over the last five years, everthing single thing we eat including vegetables with chemicals has been said to be unhealthy . It’s just the media needing to fill a gap in the news.
BRETT FAVRE HOMELESS – Even Brett Favre is starting to understand what it feels like to be homeless?, well kinda ?, as far as he has no place to play football yet , ha,ha. But I’m sure someone will want him before fall.
HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND – Don’t worry about tomorrow , live for today, love your family today . Life is pretty short !

O&K Terex RH-400 Mining Shovel Boom and Stick gets tacked together by Northern Michigan Hobby Builder Don Campbell.

O&K Terex RH-400 1/12th scale Model- Todays picture shows Don Campbell and the first few parts roughed in for the boom and stick . You can also see Don holding two more pieces he just cut out for the cylinder linkages.
Two Inches Of Rain- We really got dumped on in Gaylord with almost two inches of rain yesterday . But the ground is very sandy and drains very well. And the grass is very green today and needs mowing, ha,ha.
New Milwaukee Grinder- Last weekend I stopped in to Home Depot and bought a new $99.00 Milwaukee hand held grinder/sander. So now I got one for emergency backup, (:>).
Steel Tubing – I just bought 100 feet of steel to build the frame for the RH-400 model . Now I am working on the clam bucket and will post a picture tomorrow of that progress.
DHS OPENHOUSE IN CLEVELAND- It looks like I will not have time to get the Liebherr T-282 Mining Truck built in time to bring to the DHS Open House in July. The Liebherr shovel took longer to build and this Terex RH-400 will also take longer . So hopefully I will get this one done in time to bring two shovels. If not, I am planning a fall trip to Cleveland to deliver the Liebherr T-282 and the Cat D-11T
Silver Lake Sand Dunes and Duluth, Minn. and Port Huron , and the Soo Locks are four summer destinations in our motorhome . We sat home last summer with high gas prices and we are still regretting it ?, so this summer we will not sit home , last winter was so dang long ! , we are just not going to sit around this summer. Deb has three more weeks of daycare kids, then she goes to just two days a week of working all summer.
So she is pretty excited , last summer she worked three days a week. I am happy for her to get five days a week off (:>). I plan on playing hooky a few times too , ha,ha.
Have a great Thurs.