Month: June 2009

Big Bud 747 being gased up heading south to ILL. to farm shows.

Big Bud 747 – Todays picture shows the worlds largest Farm Tractor at a gas station loaded on two lowboy semi-trucks heading towards Ill. to be displayed at a couple farm days summer festivals. It will be in Penfield, Ill and in RanToul, Ill. They could reach their first destination in two days.
I built two large scale models of the 747Big Bud and my models and I was mentioned in the Big Bud 747 Book that was published.
I also have several pictures of me in a Big Bud 747 Shirt standing with the owners as they looked at my model at the National Farm Toy Show in Dyersville, Iowa. Very Cool !
WALKING IN THE RAIN THIS MORNING – Deb and I headed out on our morning 3 mile walk and it was very foggy, but by the time we got back it was pouring rain. But we managed to get the full three miles done.
NO CHERRIES – The local news last night said it is not looking good for the Northern Michigan Cherries to be ready for the Traverse City Cherry Festival this weekend.
Record high / record low in last 7 days – Just a few days ago Gaylord hit 95 degrees for a new record high and today Gaylord hit a record for a new low in the low fifties. Cold weather is expected all week over the fourth of July .
Crude oil on the rise- With the biggest holiday of the summer just a few days away , crude oil prices are going up again, wonder if we will see $3.00 a gallon unleaded this week?
Terex RH-400 progress- I got the first half of the track pads cut out and bent today . I am still waiting for the attachment chain. The company said maybe it will arrive in 10 more days ?, it’s already been two weeks, but it is a long ways to China, ??
Healthy Eating – Regardless of how large Deb and I look on the internet pictures, we are actually eating pretty healthy the last few weeks. We are actually losing a few lbs. Heathier choices and smaller portions are really working. Besides the camera adds about 20 lbs. , ha,ha, ha.
Have a Great Tues, and enjoy today , we might not be here tomorrow , so no sense in worrying about it, LOL

Don and Debbie Campbell excited about being grandpa and grandma ?

Talking To Nicole about having kids – Well, after a week of vacation with Nicole and Bill , the number one question from every one they run into is always , when are you going to have kids ? Seems all their friends now have two or three kids and want them to have kids too to share the sleepless nights, dirty diapers and no quality time with each other and no free spending money anymore, LOL
Deb and I never ask ask Nicole or Bill that question because we were married 8 years before we had Nicole.
We know those were 8 wonderful years of single life of traveling whenever we wanted to go . It was just like 8 years of being on our honeymoon, ha,ha. We built a very close friendship that still is with us today.
Then after 8 years , the big day came and Deb got pregnant ? and we had a beautiful baby girl. Our life changed alright , but for the better . Nicole brought even more joy to our life because we were so ready for her . And even now she is still bringing much joy to our lives. (:>). We E-mail each other everyday and share our days events with each other. I sometimes tell Deb it is time we might want to think about having another baby too ??? Deb looks at me and is thinking about some four letter words in response I’m sure, ha,ha,ha,
The good news is Nicole did bring up having kids last week for the first time to us.
She said it looks like they will be having two kids , so that was nice to hear. We asked her if she would be expecting anytime soon ?
Her answer was there is a one in a million chance she will get pregnant in the next five years !! So we are very excited !! (:>). I went out and bought a box of cigars just in case, ha,ha.
She also said just as soon as they get the traveling bug out of their system like Deb and I did for eight years. Except we traveled to destinations like the Soo Locks, Traverse City , John Deere Assembly Plants, Cedar Point, Case – IH Assembly Plants, Niagra Falls, Caterpillar Plants, Silver Lake Sand Dunes, etc.
They still have Paris, Switzerland, Alaska , London, Dubaui , and several other destinations to explore before any new additions will be added to the family, (:>).
But we accept it is her life and Deb and I are 100% fine with her decision even if they decide someday not to have kids.
Too many parents today put too much pressure on their kids and they should just let them make choices they want to make regardless of waht we want them to do.
Many divorces today are caused by controling parents and we are smart enough to mind our own business unless asked. (:>).
So it looks like we will be grandpa and grandma in just five more years, yippee !! maybee , ? it is of course 100% their choice (:>).
Todays Picture shows Nicole last week in my workshop next to the next model I am now building.
Have a great Monday !!!!!!!!!!!!

Terex RH-400 Primed cylinders, boom, stick, cab and bucket.

Vacation is Over – Nicole and Bill made it home safe last night to D.C.
We had a great week with them and are looking forward to our fall visit to D.C. again.
We always do ( The Big Night Out Meal) on every get together with them at a unique place to eat , and on our last night together we always have our ( Big Night In ) and relax at our house or their house for a fun meal at home with our favorite foods.
Friday night we had our ( Big Night In ) at our house with Beef Tenderloins and scallops on the grill. UMM !! Then we had garlic mashed potatoes, fresh garlic /cheese toast, and fresh snap peas in bacon bits and flavored olive oil. For dessert Deb and Nicole baked fresh cake for strawberry shortcake with whipped cream on top, umm umm good !! What a great way to end a great vacation !!
We also ate at four new fun places last week , the mini brewery,and the french resturaunt , LA Cuisine Amical in Traverse City , and Staffords in Harbor Springs and a new neat little Authentic Mexican Resturaunt in Gaylord that just opened a few weeks ago. They were all great new experiences.
Now we are back today at home cooking chicken on the grill with some fresh grilled asparagus, umm and more fresh garlic toast, umm , but no dessert, we got to get back on track now to lose weight. It was great fun and no regrets. (:>).
TEREX RH-400 PRIMED PARTS- Todays picture shows I have been working off and on on the model , you can see I have done the body work on the boom, the stick, the cab , 8 hydraulic cylinders and a few other parts and have them primed. Tomorrow I will go back to the track frames and recut the side shields and build the rear sprocket housings and the side ladders.
ENJOYING THE SUMMER MORE THAN EVER- I often mention to enjoy today and not worry about tomorrow. Deb and I have not enjoyed the summer more than we have already this year in several years. And it feels GREAT !! And we have no plans in the near future to stop , ha,ha. With the 4th of July here already next week we will be enjoying it too and the National Cherry Festival as we always do. Then the Gaylord Alpenfest 2009 is just a couple weeks away and we will enjoy that. Then we will be heading to Cleveland to the DHS Diecast Toy Show / open house to deliver several of my models and visit with everyone and that will be a great trip too. . And we have plans after that for more fun so when the snow starts to fall in Oct. and stays until next April we will be just fine.
EXTENDED LIFE SPAN FOR ME- Each week I am reminded in the news seeing celebrities and local folks passing away and how quick it can be all over. It’s strange to think I could pass away today and never walk again, never drive a car again , never see family or friends again and it sure makes me do some sole searching , and it is not all negative. It actually reminds me to enjoy today and enjoy life even more . When i was about 30 years old, my goal was to live to be 50 years old. Now that I have reached that number and passed it , I am very grateful each new day I get with Deb and Nicole and my family and friends. I know a lot of people who died way before 50 years old, so I feel very thankful I have made it past 50 . If today is my last day , my only regret would be is that I was not closer to God than I am. I have always believed very much in God , and I have always been proud to tell others I am a Christian , but I know I could have been much better a Christian if I was much closer to God. I thank God (Everyday) for giving me one more day and thank him for the very nice life he gave me.
Have a Great Sunday with the Ones You Love !!!!!!!!!

Don’s Favorite Two Models, the Liebherr R9800 Excavator Model and Nicole, who looks like a Model from Hollywood. (:>).

Don’s two favorite creations- Todays picture shows I do have talent after all, to be able to create these two beautiful models , (:>).
Well, I guess I better give Deb a little of the credit too for helping to create the model on the right , Nicole, LOL
We took this picture yesterday of Nicole next to my latest Model Project.
Everywhere we went this week around the family get togethers we could hear everyone comment how Nicole looks like a movie star.
Especially Nicole’s little nephews , they just followed her around like she was a Beauty Queen . It was pretty cute to see them coming back several times to just stare and set by Nicole . Most of them have not seen Nicole for a couple years.
Nicole sure is our Princess and we are very proud of her. Many of her high school friends still live in Gaylord and we realize it is scary these days to move away to a big city. But she did it and has adjusted very well to life in Washington D.C. There is no area she cannot go to around the city. She even drives downtown by the monuments with no problem. This is amazing knowing she grew up in this little Northern Michigan Town of Gaylord with just three stop lights .
Today Nicole and Bill will make the drive back and the adjustment back to D.C. life with memories that will last until we see them again in the fall.
Their next adventure in Aug they will cruise to Alaska and they asked us to go too, but that is not our idea of fun. Those big boats rock and roll and Nicole admits it. They love the cruise ships and have done several cruises. Also they have N.Y.C. , London, England , and Switzerland scheduled for the next 12 months.
Nicole has no intentions of having kids yet, she loves this life and her career and traveling with Bill. She said she has several years yet before she plans to have four or five cute little baby’s running around in diapers . (:>).
Thanks Nicole and Bill for another great week together,
There is no better feeling for parents to see your kids happy and doing good and enjoying a life of their own.
To have a son-in-law as nice as Bill is just the iceing on the cake , he is so kind to Nicole and they have a best friend relationship too like Deb and I do. The whole time we are all together, we have so many laughs like four good friends would have.
It is a big gap between our four visits together a year , but we sure do enjoy those four weeks each year together.
HAVE A GREAT SATURDAY – Enjoy today and don’t worry about tomorrow !!