Month: July 2009

Don and Nicole 25 years ago, and we’re both making a big comeback (:>).

Training Day five – Todays picture shows Nicole and I standing together 25 years ago dressed in our jogging outfits. I used to jog everyday five miles and Nicole and Deb would drive the 4 wheeler to the halfway point and hand me water on the hottest days. Then my sister and I started jogging together and that was a lot of fun . But one night she went jogging alone and never came home. She was killed that night along the road.
I tried a couple times to start running again in her honor , but I never could do it.
Nicole just entered and finished her very first race last weekend and that is what it took for me to want to run again with her.
I have now been running for five days , eating 100% healthy choices and dropping weight fast. (:>).
Nicole wanted me to run with her and Bill in the spring in D.C. , but she called last night and wondered if I would want to give it a try in a 5K this fall . So I said what the heck, lets go for it !
So today I am all fired up and feeling better already.
There is no doubt in my mind the day I line up with Nicole in D.C. on the starting line, it is going to be very emotional, lots of tears , some sad, but moslty glad . Glad that the little girl in this picture did what I never did and that was actually enter a race. She not only entered a race but gave me the push I have been waiting for for 25 years. I have not been this excited to get back in shape in a long time. I sure don’t plan on winning , or even coming in the middle , but I do plan on finishing !! (:>) even if Nicole and Bill have to carry me across the finish line ha,ha,ha.
Thanks again Nicole for being the inspiration I needed to get this old body back in shape again.
Walking 6 miles a day just wasn’t getting it , it’s time to kick it up a knotch, ha,ha. See you in the fall on the starting line (:>).

Don’s temporary office for the last four days at the Traverse City Pie Company store in Mt. Pleasant.

Home Sweet Home – Deb and I got back home this afternoon after being gone a full week . We left a week ago from today on our journey to Cleveland to Chuck’s DHS DIECAST Toy Show / Open House and on the return trip we stopped in St.Louis and stayed on the farm to help my mom recover from knee surgery. She is doing very well.
Todays picture shows me sitting at the Grand Traverse Pie Company Store changing my webpage and answering the daily E-mails.
While my mom rested, we headed in each morning to get our internet business done, ha,ha. Fresh Cherry Pie ?
Each day we entered the store, we saw 10 or more different types of fresh baked pies. But not once did we buckle under the pressure, instead we would get a cup of soup or a small salad. (:>).
TRAINING FOR THE BIG RACE – The reason we had no pie all week is because I am now on a strict training program to get back in shape to run with Nicole in the spring in Washington D.C. Nicole has inspired me to want to join her in a race next year . That will be a memory we will share forever plus the journey i will take from now til then to get back to running again will be great for me and Deb too. Many years ago I used to run 5 miles everyday and I always wanted to enter a race , but never was brave enough . So now Nicole will help build my confidence to enter a race for the first time in my life. (:>) And to get to run in Washington D.C. , very exciting !!
As you can see in the latest pictures , I am pretty well maxed out as far as my weight goes. I am as heavy as I have ever been so even more reason to get into a healthy training, and eating program.
Since the Toy show last weekend I have already lost 3.5 lbs. So the running so far has already begun to work. (:>).
My whole life I never smoked or drank alcohol or took any kind of illegal or legal drugs. I have walked 3 miles or more several times a week for over 20 years, and some jogging on the treadmill so for me to bounce back and run again after 25 years, I think it is very do-able.
We now realize that it isn’t a small piece of chocolate or a small glass of pop that is so bad, instead it is you get that sweet taste in your mouth and then immediately fruit and veggies no longer taste good.
So we’re going to try to stay away from sweets for a while, just so fresh fruit and veggies remain very tasty.
Liebherr T-282 – Now that we are home again I can start to plan taking the first steps to Leon’s Monster Mining Truck Model. I will start scaling up the drawings soon.
Have a great Thurs.

Hitachi Ex-5500 Orange Paint

Orange Paint- I will start looking for the exact color orange paint now so when it comes time later this fall to build this bright orange monster , it will be the right color.
HEALTHY EATING – Nicole just finiished running her very first 5K race in Washington D.C. She has been training for many months and we are very proud of her.
It has been 25 years since I have jogged, until this week?
I am on day four now of training to run with Nicole next year in D.C.
That will be a very exciting day and it will be great for me to get back in shape. Thanks Nicole for helping me to get back in gear from bloated dad to buff dad , LOL
Have a great Wed.