Month: August 2009

First Frost in Aug. means First Snow in Sept. for Northern Michigan Residents.

First Gaylord Frost this morning – We woke up this morning with the furnace running and the rooftops all white with frost in Gaylord. 33 degrees at our house and things were crunchy outside. The area Weather station people said we are a few weeks early for our first frost. So does that mean we get our first snow in Sept. then ?? We always get snow in Oct. so it will be interesting to see what happens this fall.
Sure makes me think about snowplowing and school hasn’t even started yet. Besides we still got more camping to do yet, ha,ha.
MY SECOND 5K RUN THIS MORNING – Race day is getting closer so I figured I better push it just a little today and see if I could run another 5K without stopping . I did it with flying colors. YIPPEE !!
I now feel confident I can run the whole 5K in D.C. without walking any of the race. I felt great when i was done and I was still able to chase Deb around the house today, LOL
California pizza and corn chowder leftovers were yummy. for lunch.
Looks like the cook has stuffed pork chops on the menu for supper, I notice she wrote down pork chop , not pork chops , that means one small stuffed pork chop ? Portion size , small portions is the key. And left over carmelized peaches for dessert. Those are yummy every night (:>) when you only get a 1/2 cup a day it takes forever to use them up, ha,ha.
Liebherr Mining Truck Progress- All the parts are built now except for the wheel covers. I will work on them next.
Have a great Monday !!

Waldon Compact Articulating Front End Loader and Don Campbell preparing for another Northern Michigan Winter. Frost in the forecast tomorrow .

Waldon compact articulating front end loader- Todays picture shows me next to my skid-steer size loader checking it over for the upcoming winter . It’s nor much larger than a skidsteer but this little bugger is solid as a tank. It has 1/2 inch thick frame and 1/2 inch thick fenders . Four cylinder engine that purrs like new. A hydrostatic transmission with one pedal controls. Power steering this little machine is very solid. It weighs 5000 lbs. This is my best buy (:>).
WALK DON’T RUN – My coach suggested after running the whole 5K yesterday for the very first time, I better use today as a rest day . So Deb and I just walked the 5K course this morning.
CALIFORNIA PIZZA – Deb made the crust and let it rise overnight for a delicious homeade California pizza for lunch today . A thin crunchy crust with fresh tomatos, onions, mushrooms, olives, two cheeses , and a light amount of bacon bits. YUM !! Very healthy pizza, and we only get one piece. portion size ? is key even with healthy choices. Deb also made a pot of corn chowder yesterday with fresh sweet corn and fresh veggies from the Gaylord Farmers Market . She let it sit overnight and marinate and we will be having a small bowl of delicious chowder too , yum !!
RACE DAY – Countdown to race day is getting closer and this week I will run again the whole 5K just one day and do the walk / run training the other days . Then next week I will kick it up to three times running the whole 5K in a week. Those hills around Arlington could be rough as we train in completely level courses here.
It’s a beautiful Sunday and frost is in the forecast for tonight so Fall is very close .
Have a great Sunday with the ones you love.

Liebherr Mining Truck Comfort Cab as Don and Debbie Campbell check out the view in a Coal Mine.

Todays picture shows me and my best friend Deb checking out the view from this Liebherr Monster Coal Hauling Truck in a coal mine out east. Many wives could care less about going with their husbands to look at machinery. But Deb is a real trooper and is always positive and never complains going with me. She sees the enjoyment I get and shares in my enjoyment. I’m very thankful for that. Thanks DEB !! (:>).
MY FIRST 5k RUN TODAY – Couch Potato to 5K in 8 weeks was my personal challenge , but today is only 5 weeks and I took off running this morning in the cold rainy weather and ended up running the whole 5K course. So I was very excited to see I really can do this after not running for 26 years. And Deb ran 2.5 K this morning without stopping , so I am so Proud of her . She has never ran before other than me chasing her around the house, ha,ha.
So we really are doing this and we feel so good knowing we are kicking the junk food habit. We got three weeks til race day so now I can run several more days the whole 5K before race day .
Tomorrow we will take it easy and may just walk the 5K to rest our knees.
FARMERS MARKET- Today we went to the farmers market and stocked up on tomatos, sweet corn, cukes, potatos, spinach ,peaches , apricots, so Deb is making a pot of fresh corn chowder , yum ! Tonight we’re having baked chicken with homeade baked potato chips lightly brushed with olive oil . For dessert we’re having carmalized peaches with pecans on top, yum ! All small portions. Deb has lost 10 lbs. now and I have lost 15 lbs. I still got to lose 25 more lbs. but we’re both on our way . (:>).
Liebherr Truck progress- Deb had the day off yesterday and today I am not working in the shop either. So I’ll have to wait til Monday to get back to working on the last parts. It should be done by Tues. night and Wed. I can start doing the final bodywork.
Have a great Sat.

Rimpull Tandem Trailer Coal Hauler Model is Don Campbell’s next one of a kind all steel project.

Rimpull Tandem Trailer Coal Hauler- As I get closer to cutting out the last parts on the Liebherr Mining Truck, I am starting to think about the next project . I love the coal hauler trucks and I have wanted to build this cool tandem trailer rig for a long time.
This will be my next project to build this fall. Very cool !!
Liebherr – By Sat. night I should have all the parts built .
JOGGING – Today Deb jogged 25 blocks total !! I am so excited for her that she is doing so well. I ran 35 blocks total this morning so she is not far behind me on her progress. Surprisingly after 5 weeks without junk food and making healthy choices again how much energy we have again. Even at our age it shows it is very possible to get off the couch and get out and change our lives.
We were getting in a rut where we just didn’t think we could try it again . We were getting close to our maximum weight and we were walking everyday . But the problem was we were not eating healthy.
So it shows exercise is not the answer , eating is . And small portions of healthy food too , as it is easy to overeat healthy food too.
The good thing is our first race will be run along Arlington Cemetary in D.C. so if we have a unexpected mishap we will be close to the cemetary, ha,ha.
We know we will probably be the last ones finishing the race , but if that is the case, it will still be a very proud day for both of us. To think at our age we could enter and finish a race when just 8 weeks ago we were racing to the icebox for the last scoop of ice cream LOL
Have a great Friday !!