Month: June 2010

Soo Locks Coffer Dam

Soo Locks Coffer Dam, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Engineer Day Soo Locks- While we were checking out the leaking coffer dams I noticed this picture of some early equipment they used .
What a difference now and then with the equipment used.
Alpenfest 5K Run 2010 – This morning it was 35 degrees but Deb and I took off running on the Alpenfest 5k Course for the second time. I was very proud of Deb as she ran 2 miles today . I completed the race course in my normal time so I was pleased with that. We plan on going and running that route several more times before race day in a couple weeks.
Weightwatchers- Deb and I got a perfect plan for breakfast , lunch and supper and do great with our daily points . But after supper we have been messing up with a poor choice on our snacks the last week.
So the last two nights we are back on track. I just had fresh chunky salsa on 5 baked scoops, 5 strawberries with a half a cup of fresh chopped pineapple, and a small kids size box of raisins. Now that is a much better evening snack.
Frost warning again tonight – Last night we had our first frost warning for a while and it hit 33 degrees in a couple areas . Tonight they are saying it again.
P&H 5700 mining excavator- I am still working on the last parts on the lower end of the model. I sometimes misjudge the last week how much more time it will take to get the last parts designed and done. I’ll be in the shop tomorrow morning working on them again. Each day I get closer to getting done.
Hope your having a great summer !!

Don Campbell’s new front Forks Video for moving large models.

New Front Forks Video- Today’s picture and video shows us just getting back from the John Deere Dealer with the quick tach forks. This will definitely save my back when it comes to moving the large models around. (:>).
P&H 5700 Progress- Still building more lower end parts today .
Hope your all having a Great Summer !!

Flamin Truck at the St. Ignace Car Show

St. Ignace Car Show – Deb snapped this picture of me checking out this very nice restored old truck. Deb showed me the back license plate and made me think how times , they is a changing. Used to be they put big flames on the side of the vehicles , now days it is cool to just have the plate say it , ha,ha.
Alpenfest 5K running coarse- Today I actually ran my first 5K run on the actual race coarse I will race on during Alpenfest in a couple more weeks. I would like to run it a few more times before race day just to know the points where I should kick it up a knotch . I just hope I don’t come in last place, ha,ha. But even if I do I will be proud of myself for giving it a try. Deb and Nicole will be cheering me on and that will be very cool and a little emotional too and very exciting.
Fourth of July Weekend – The big weekend is almost here for everyone to head to the lake and to the campgrounds. We have had so many fun summers we feel very blessed. Then after the Fourth it will be time for the Traverse City Cherry Festival and we always ejoy that too and our own Alpenfest 2010 , yippee !! Many locals actually leave Gaylord that week because they don’t like all the people and the parking problems and the congested streets. But Deb and I really enjoy the once a year festival. This year Nicole and Bill will be home during Alpenfest for the first time in a few years so that will be great fun.
Mining Machines Models- P&H 5700 – Today I worked on the model more but did not get the parts all built. Tomorrow I will be out in the shop making more lower end parts. By the end of this week I will have the first few parts sanded and primed.
Deb and I hope you all have a great , safe summer !!

St. Ignace Car Show 2010 and Don Campbell who owned 6 different Vettes for over 35 years.

St. Ignace Car Show 2010 – This picture Deb took of me at the St. Ignace Car show with the very sleek looking Corvette Concept Car.
I really like the look of it and the rear split window brought back memories of the 1963 Split Window Corvette we had.
I was surprised out of the hundreds of fancy cars at St. Ignace none of them were polished and shiny. I mentioned that to Deb and she looked at me and said , ” It hasn’t stopped raining all day , ha,ha”
That was a joke I was saying to her because we know everyone was anxious for the rain to stop so they could all shine their cars up.
Strobe lights – We did stop at a booth with some cool strobe lights as I have always liked fancy lights on vehicles.
Bay Harbor Boat Show 2010 – Today is the Bay Harbor Boat Show in Petosky . We went last year and it was amazing to see some of those fancy boats and the rich people who own them. Off in the distance seeing the multi million dollar homes with mega yacht parked in front of them. Most people dream of living that lifestyle but Deb and I know many times it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If they are happy then we say it is great and we are happy for them, but many of those people have a hundred more times problems than we do. Our simple little life makes us very happy and just looking at the big fancy boats is enjoyment enough . We are smart enough to know being rich for us is just about being so happy in our marriage and doing simple things everyday . (:>).
I posted several more new pictures of our day below this one