Month: September 2010

Geep , or GP-40 Chessie in 1/4 scale design by Nicole.

trainf, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

GP-40 – Todays picture shows a front view of the shape I will be making for the nose and cab of the 1/4 scale model. Nicole helped me again today designing more of the shapes needed to get started. Deb and Nicole were a little surprised when they saw the size of the first parts on paper. But it is these large size parts that makes it so fun to build models. There are still a lot of train lovers who still love the Chessie colors and it is my favorite . It’s going to look so cool on the shelf in our living room with a 15 foot long coal hopper car hooked behind it full of jelly belly jellybrans, LOL
Deb wants to know how were going to get this model even in our living room on the floor being over 30 feet long ?? let alone put it up on the shelf, ha,ha.
I told her we would fine tune our plans for raising it later, ha,ha.
RAIN , RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN – Did I mention it was raining in D.C. ? Looks like more rain for tomorrow as Tropicla Depression Nicole continues to move from the south along the Eastern Shore.
Angry Birds- At least Deb and I had a good day of playing angry birds and Nicole is actually doing great on it too. But we don’t want to show it to Bill because he gets obsessed with Games. ha,ha.
Have a great Thurs. !!

Me running along the Potomac This Morning.

donrunning3, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Runners World- I will never have a runners body , in fact runners with my shape and weight are known as Clydesdales. And that would be a good discription for me, ha,ha.
But I’m sure it has to be a little frustrating for the 250 to 300 younger runners i did beat in my first two races and I recieved medals. But I am smart enough to know running is not about racing or winning to me, instead it’s about the enjoyment of getting up 7 days a week and hitting the road for a relaxing run. I am hooked on running and that passion helps me everyday to eat better than if i was not running. Even if running doesn’t extend my life it is sure a good feeling everyday when I am finished. As I sit here this morning knowing I just ran a strong 5K that is all I need to make this a great start for the day. (:>)
Have a great Wed. !!

Toy Train in 1/4 scale

Chessietraina, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Chessie GP-40-2- Today Nicole and I worked on the early design for my toy train Model. It is a GP-40-2 . We worked on the cab , front nose area . So my first toy train model has officially started thanks to Nicole . Thanks Nicole !!
Cooler Weather – Another morning of cooler weather and perfect for running . My knees are sore and i am now uncertain about Sat. race. Regardless of the race I will continue to train and run one or two more 5K runs before Sat. , but on flat ground. I just don’t think my old knees could do it in such a short adjustment period.
Have a great Tues. !!

A train for Nicole’s little boy Terak.

acutetrain, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Rubber Tired Choo Choo – Todays picture is me checking out the cute train at the Dullus Mall . Even though it doesn’t run on tracks it is very cute . This could be a future project for me to build for Nicole’s little boy. (:>). Nicole and Terak could drive it around the neighborhood picking up kids and earning a little spending money, ha,ha.
Four Mile morning workout- I just returned from a 4 mile walk /run in the hills and in the rain. My knees and anxles aren’t used to this and i really feel the unused muscles acting up. But I did it and I feel great still training and eating pretty good on vacation.
I just know how bad it feels after vacation having to undo all the damage of eating really bad everyday.
Oh, by the way , we are heading to the Cheesecake factory in a little while so their goes my whole calorie advantage for the day from my run, ha,ha.
Have a great Monday !!