Month: October 2010

Hooking up the Erskine snowblower today

snowblowerday, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Erskine Snowblower- This afternoon I decided to go get the Snowblower and front snowscoop and the truck plow and bring them home . I think it could be another mild winter for us because the weather patterns seam very messed up this whole year.
You can see in the picture I had to wrench on the snowblower a little bit with a hammer, ha,ha.
Chessie Train Progress- I got the coupler parts made for the second rear coupler and the rear lower plate welded on and the first two rear safety railings built.
Michigan State Football – Not a good day for M.S.U. today and a sad ending for the Notre Dame game.
Have a great Sat. !!

Fiat-Allis 41-B Dozer Video

fiat, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Fiat-Allis 41-B Dozers- This picture is one of several Fiat-Allis Dozers I enjoyed checking out . Deb posted a video I recently took of another one . It was definately a beast of a dozer in it’s day.
Toy Train Progress – I had to go get more steel tubing and steel rod for railings today . I am working 10 hour days on it 7 days a week. One more week the top section should start looking a little like a toy train. (:>).
Friday night fish fry – Three years ago I bought Deb a nice deep fryer for Christmas. We only used it twice at New Years . But tonight I was craving grease so Deb fired it up and made me a grease feast !!
Deep fried shrimp, crunchy french fries and homeade onion rings.
I’m feeling a little sick tonight but it’s all good .
When we were first married Deb used to make two grease feasts for me every week. I used to be hooked on deep fried food. But the last ten years I cut back 99% so it really hit the spot for this Friday night fish fry.
Have a great Friday !

Kitty / Cat Train Paint Colors

chessietoytrain, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

GP-40 Paint Colors- Although this look is no longer used on the railroads , it is still my favorite colors from years past. I really like kitties and it has a big kitty on the front and sides and I really like CAT and the yellow kinda resembles Cat yellow and will look good sitting by my Cat models. Todays progress on the train I cut and welded the rear frame section . Not much to look at for todays work so I didn’t post a picture.
Northern Michigan High Winds – The winds finally calmed down but many people are still without power. Now the cold air is here so it will be a cold night for hundreds of families. Hopefully everyone will be back with power soon.
Have a great Thurs.

Model Railroading gp-40 frame progress

donstoytrain4, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Hobby Shops – Toy Trains are very popular so as I build my first toy train I get excited to see how each week it will look . I am excited seeing the front section now roughed in. Todays picture shows me in the shop holding the band saw getting ready to cut some square tubing for more of the mainframe of the train. This is the boring part doing the frame work but still fun knowing in the next week the next section will take shape.
High Wind Warning – WOW was it windy here yesterday and today . I cleaned the yard of leaves and the wind first blew all the neighbors leaves in my yard and then the wind shifted and blew them across the street to the church . It is still very windy so I got the backpack blower out this morning and started in the backyard and worked with the wind and blew all the remaining leaves out to the curb . But each time I had a pile by the curb , I would look and they would be completely gone , ha,ha. Noe hopefully the wind won’t change directions LOL
Cake – Deb made a lemon /pudding , dream whip cake this morning , yummy , there goes my buff figure .
Running ?? I haven’t mentioned much about running or walking for a couple weeks now. Seems I overdid it this summer and my hips are acting up. So I figure i better cool it for a month and then take off slow again. I am just feeling good again this week with no hip pain.
Have a great Wed.