Month: November 2010

Cat D-11T Dozer five feet tall is Don Campbell’s next one of a kind model.

D11T Don’s Model, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat D-11T Dozer- Todays picture shows a idea of the size of my next one of a kind model . Ever since I walked in the room at Indy at the National Truck and Construction Toy Show and saw Fred Hiem’s 1/2 scale Cat Dozer I knew one day I would be building a model similar to his. Mine is a much larger size dozer so even at five feet tall it will be a smaller scale than Fred’s . Fred is still my model building hero even though he sold his awesome wooden models and is no longer building them as far as I know. The whole time I walked around his dozer and talked with him I was just drooling over his huge model. I was just imagining one like it all out of steel sitting in my little workshop. So this Feb. I will begin the most exciting model of my whole model building hobby. The most asked question I know I will get will be ? ( Will it Run ? ) I’m thinking there is a 75% chance I make it run. This is only half of the excitement because i also plan on building a 5 foot tall model of a Cat 994F loader . Although they won’t be the same scale , they will still be two awesome models. Who knows maybe after the loader , maybe a five foot tall Cat excavator (:>). They would look great in my front yard as lawn ornaments with nice landscaping around them , ha,ha.

First snowplowing with my John Deere for 2010

donjohndeere, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Twelve inches of snow is what I was hoping for after hearing the weatherman say the lake effect was going to kick in and we were going to get a lot of snow. But we only got a few inches total. But it was enough to get the John Deere out and play in the snow. And it was enough to start both Waldons and play in the back yard in the snow. The simple things in life that are fun like plowing snow, ha,ha.
Toy Train Progress- I worked more on the air tank and the fuel tank and almost have the left side ready to sand and prime.
FOOTBALL , FOOTBALL , FOOTBALL !!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of football to watch now and I find it distracting in my workshop as I am constantly stopping what I am doing and walking up close to the TV to see a good play. LOL But Sunday afternoons I get to watch football on the 72 inch big screen in the house and it really seems nice compared to my little TV in the workshop.
Have a great Sunday !

GP-40 air tank and fuel tank progress

trainairandfueltank, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Christmas Toy Train – Todays picture shows me adjusting the air tank for a fit before tightening it in place. You can also see the left side fuel tank under construction. Once I get these two parts roughed in then I will finally get back to cutting out the dozens of parts for the second outside truck assembly.
Ten Inches of Snow – Two days ago the weatherman predicted 6 inches of snow then 8 inches of snow last night and now ten inches of snow total . Well, we were robbed ! We barely got three inches. And i did fire up both Waldons and played in the driveway and backyard and enjoyed it.
Have a great Friday !!