Month: January 2011

Chessie GP-40 rear lights attached by Don Campbell

reartrainlights, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Railroads- The railroad in Gaylord actually ends a couple blocks north of our house . Years ago it went up to Mackinaw but now days it is a mountain biking trail . Last fall many of you know I rode my bicycle on the trail once up to Cheboygan and 3 weeks later I rode it to Mackinaw City. As I rode on the trail I imagined the view from a train engineer looking out the window . There were several spots on the trail that were very pretty along the water and the rivers. I’m sure it was very boring to those guys after making the trip weekly. I sure find myself more interested in trains these days after spending so many weeks building my own. Todays picture shows me installing the four rear lights. I now have the window openings drilled for the cab . Tomorrow I will raise the train for the last time and pull the wheels off of it for the last time. Now tomorrow the final bodywork and sanding process will start. If all goes well I will start painting the first dark blue parts this weekend. The top and everything below the frame is dark blue.
Greenbay Packers Superbowl Countdown !! Woo Hoo – What a sad time for Brett Favre seeing his life long family of players and fans all excited going to the Superbowl and he is not wanted anywhere near the game. Many Packer fans say they hate him.
Brett Favre is now considered the third most hated sports player .
I still think he will be back even if he has to go to the Detroit Lions or anyone who will take him. He just doesn’t know enough to give it up. Each year he actually seems to show his age more and more and it isn’t pretty. But for the Packers they can be very proud next Sunday win or lose . (:>).
Have a great Monday !!

Hobby Shops , train lights VIDEO being attached by Don Campbell

trainlights, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Train Lights VIDEO – Todays picture shows me working on the headlights.
With the brake parts and the fuel trank parts now done I am moving to four front lights. Then I will work on the rear lights on Monday and then the windows .
Snowplowing – Today I plowed my accounts for the eighth time in Jan. so that is a good average plowing month . A really good month is 15 times but it looks like those days are over for a while as the Eastern U.S. is greedy lately wanting all the snow , ha,ha.
Gaylord Snowmobiling – We got great snowmobiling now on the trails and I plan on going for a nice ride after lunch on the Ski-doo .
Superbowl Sunday !!!!!!!!!!! Deb and I are counting down to Superbowl Sunday , how exciting to have the Packers in the Superbowl !!. It sounds like it could be a good game and not a washout. Regardless who wins , it is going to be so COOL watching them in the Superbowl. Deb and I are splurging and going to buy Alaskan KING Crab Legs and Beef Tenderloin Steaks , YUM !!! I’m just about as excited about the meal, ha,ha.
Have a great Sat.

Lake State Railroad chasing today

Lakestaterailroad, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Lake State Railroad- Todays picture we took as we followed the local train heading south out of Gaylord. We followed it for a few miles thinking it might stop at a area party store it used to stop at.
Deb and I asked the party store owner and he said they still stop once in a while but not too much in the winter.
We were going to take a video of it as it passed by the party store and Deb ran out and it was going so fast she did not get a chance . But another railroad worker was cleaning up intersections after the train plowed snow into them as it passed by. He told us where the rail yard was so sometime Deb and I will drive south and go check it out. I’d like to show them the toy train I am building . Maybe one of them would like seeing it.
Toy train progress- Today I got all the brake parts done . Tomorrow I will work on the fuel tank
D.C. snowstorm – Bill was in his glory getting five inches of wet snow in D.C. today . He said work was real slow as most of the locals can not drive in snow so they stay home. Bill gre up in Gaylord and loves snow too !
Nicole and the baby enjoyed the day snuggly inside as Nicole hates snow.
Deb likes the snow as long as she only sees it out the living room window and doesn’t have to go out in it ha,ha.
Have a great Thurs.

Lincoln Welders for metal fabrication for Don Campbell

toytrainbrakesattached, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Lincoln Welders- I have five Lincoln welders and one Lincoln Plasma cutter. I was so excited buying my first Lincoln Welder over 40 years ago . I was stationed at Fort Devens , Mass. in the Army and I rented a small garage on the outskirts of Leominster, Mass and I bought the welder. I bought two VW Beetles and removed the bodys and made them into dunebuggies. It was so fun welding things with my own welder. Deb and I rode the dunebuggies in hills south of town. I think we just left the dunebuggies there when we got out of the Army.
Now days I mostly use the small Lincoln Wire Welders and actually while building the large Silver Spade model I actually burned it up. The little weldpak 100 tried to please me and build that big model but it failed. I felt bad I pushed it too hard , ha,ha. I ordered a new motherboard for it and it worked good as new. The small Lincoln Plasma cutter has been my best buy too , I was reluctant to spend $1,400.00 for it several years ago but it is so handy I could not do with out it.
I’m sure other brands of welders are great too but I have sure been happy in my workshop with Lincoln products.
Todays train picture shows me removing the front wheel assembly working on the brake shoes. A couple more days and they should be done and then I will get to working on the fuel tank ends and lower center assembly.
Have a great Tues. !!