Month: February 2011

World’s Largest Rubber Tired Dozer , picture taken by Don Campbell last fall .

melroerubbertireddozer, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Melroe Rubber Tired Dozer- Todays picture shows a eight wheel dozer sitting in the weeds out in a field . Model 880 with twin engines and a total of 850 hp . Steering was similar to a skid steer locking up one side of wheels or the other . The monster blade was sitting in the grass a few feet from the old unique machine. it has the tital of world’s biggest skid steer wheel dozer. I climbed up inside it and it was a very cool view looking down at the eight large wheels and the odd shaped cab and dash . It is one of my very rare finds looking at old machinery.
Cat D-11R 1/3rd scale model progress- I got the cab wall windows now cut out and the walls attached together. Now working on the cab roof. Today I will order 7 sheets , 10 feet long and 4 feet wide of sheet metal for this project at Gaylord Machine and Fabrication here in Gaylord.
March 1st – Tomorrow is March 1st and that means only one more month of winter. We are 40 inches below normal snow and at this rate will be 80 inches below normal snowfall all winter. Only getting 90 inches of snow so far I haven’t even used my walk behind snowblower this winter.
Gaylord snowmobiling conditions are terrible with little snow on the trails .
Have a great Monday !!

Cat 16M Grader , Don and James in the Va. Coal Mines.

cat16mgrader, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat 16M Motorgrader- Last fall here is another picture from our coal mine visit. This is one of three and the newest grader they purchased to keep the haul roads smooth.
I think operating a grader would be 10 times harder than a excavator, a loader or a dozer. Plus the grader operator is the last guy doing the final grading so it has to be perfect . (:>)
Cat D-11R 1/3rd scale model progress- Today I will cut the windows out of the cab walls .
Gaylord Snowfall – The Gaylord Herald Times shows us over 40 inches below on our snowfall. We have still not replenished our snow from the warmup and rain 10 days ago. Terrible snowmobile conditions now.
Feb snowplowing – Tomorrow I will send out the snowplow bills for Feb. and I have only plowed four times this month . So that means a small plow check for us and that means Deb has to cut back on her high maintainence lifestyle for a while, ha,ha.
Have a great Sunday !!

Cat D-11T or D-11R now under construction in 1/3rd scale by Don Campbell.

Catd11tdozer, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat D-11T or Cat D-11R- Todays picture shows me checking out this Big Cat D-11T in a coal mine in Va. last fall. No doubt it is a real beast !! Now that I am in the very early stages of building a 1/3rd scale model of one it is very exciting . I talked to a Couple people who really know Cat D-11 construction and they told me most people would not know the difference if I lettered it D-11R or D-11T.
The cab and the fuel tanks are a different so I want it to look right . I do have much more info on the D-11R so I want it to build the R version. I remember our first trip to the Va. coal mines and on the way we passed a couple Cat dealers and I saw a couple D-10’s in the lot and I was amazed !! So when we arrived to our motel I just head to go to the Cat Dealer in town . As we pulled into the yard there were a couple D-10’s and 6 or 7 D-11’s !!! Actually just before we got to the dealer we stopped and took pictures of the stripped down D-11 on the lowboy . So the first real assembled D-11R’s I ever stood next to were at Carter Cat. They were just amazing to see the size of them in person !! There was also a older 992 loader and it was really massive. The next day we returned with our friend and tour guide and they were assembling a brand new Cat 992 Loader .
Deb and I climbed on it and as Deb was getting down the mechanic started it up and scared the heck out of Deb, ha,ha.
After it sat and idoled a few minutes he stood up and let me sit in the seat of this brand new loader and let me drive it around the yard !!
What a AWESOME experience !! I was so excited and we had not even gone to the mines yet.
As I build this five foot tall Cat D-11R it will bring back so many fun memories of our visits to Va. to the coal mines.
And I want to thank our special tour guide very much !! He has become a great friend and Deb and his wife are great friends and they have a great family. I’m sure we will go back again someday .
1/3rd Scale Cat D-11R Progress- I have now cut out the first 40 pieces of metal of the big dozer model. It just looks like a small pile of nothing so far. The first week or two there isn’t much to show with me just marking the metal and the slow process of hand cutting out the early parts.
The Dozer model tractor will be around 7 foot long , add the blade and the ripper and the model will end up being roughly 12 feet long and at the blade edges it will be roughly 7 foot wide. With blade removed the tractor will be around 4 feet wide to the track edges.
So measuring 12 feet long and 7 feet wide it will be a awesome sized toy dozer. (:>) Very Exciting !!!
Have a great Sat. !!