Month: March 2011

Cat D-11R Bogie Wheels and first track section.

bogiewheels, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat D-11R – Todays picture shows the first picture of the bogie wheel assemblies partially built and attached. Also this picture shows for the first time the first section of track chain hooked to the first dozen track pads. I’m seeing for the first time today that the undercarriage assemblies are going to be pretty massive for a toy. But I think it looks awesome It’s hard to imagine the size of the model from the cab and floor without the huge front blade or the tracks and the rear ripper. Very exciting project !!
Gaylord Gas Prices – Last night we saw unleaded reg was $3.69.9 a gallon.
Have a great Thurs. !!

Cat D-11T getting cleaned by Don Campbell in a Va. coal mine.

cleaningd-11T, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat D-11T- Todays picture shows me trying to clean the letters and numbers on one of the big Cat dozers for a picture.
Cat D-11R Undercarriage Progress- I’m working away on the lower bogie wheel parts and support brackets on the first undercarriage assembly. Just building one side is going to be a very big job but it has been a great test to see if I can make the larger parts and try to get a realisitic look. So far, so good.
Sunny but still cold- Today might get above freezing for the first time since we got our 12 inch snow so hopefully it will start melting.
If not, the radiation from Japan that is now reaching the whole USA should start melting it ? If not this week, each week it should get stronger and more potent and eventually melt it and kill the grass too so I shouldn’t have to worry about mowing either (:<).
They are saying it will be leaking for months and months and possibly over a year.
Trying to see the positive ?? but it is tough , ha,ha.
I believe it is all in God’s hands and not to worry. If the end is near so be it. , just enjoy each day more and know we’ll all be together in Heaven !! (:>)
Have a great Wed. !!

Cat D-11R Undercarriage VIDEO Progress by Don Campbell .

First Cat 1/3rd scale Cat D-11R Dozer Progress Video – Today Deb posted the first you-tube video of the early progress .
The video shows several different parts I have cut out so far and the progress on the left side undercarriage. Today I will cut out more parts for the bogie wheels. I am happy so far with the undercarriage construction. It is quite a project just in itself and I am very excited to see more progress on it.
THREE BELOW ZERO – Another crunchy morning in Gaylord and still got 12 inches of snow on the ground . It just does not melt very fast when the highs stay below zero, ha,ha.
Have a great Sunday !!

DHS Diecast Collectables Con-Expo 2011 Booth with Chuck Sword and Gang.

chucksconexpobooth, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

DHS Diecast – Con-Expo 2011 is winding down and it sounds like it was another awesome show. Today’s picture shows Chuck who is owner of DHS Diecast in Cleveland , Ohio along with our friends Kathie and Leon and the rest of the gang in Vegas yesterday at there great looking booth. Thanks Chuck for sharing the pics, it was almost like we were there but without the annual steak dinner, ha,ha. We’re looking forward to seeing you guys this summer in July at the DHS Diecast Open House and Toy Show. Hope you all have a safe trip home.
Three Below Zero in Gaylord this morning , brrr and twelve inches of snow still on the ground. GRRR
Cat 1/3rd scale D-11R Progress- I am busy working on the left side undercarriage parts. It is a major project in itself and a great challenge. But I am pleased so far with the early stage of the first one.
Have a great Sat. !!