Month: April 2011

Cat D-11R undercarriage side two progress.

catd-11undercarriage2, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat D-11R progress- Todays picture shows the second undercarriage on the workbench 3/4 of the parts built. Next week i will finish the parts and if all goes well I could get the rear support tube built and attached to both axles which attach them both to the main frame. Then the following week I will work on the front pivot bar that connects to both sides of the front of the undercarriage.
Have a great Sat. !!

Royal Wedding , Don Campbell in London on the London Bridge.

Royalweddinginlondon, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Royal Wedding – I’m sure the Gaylord Herald Times reporter would enjoy being in London this week covering the Royal Wedding. Todays picture shows me in London over 40 years ago enjoying the sights. I was squished in the big crowds in front of Buckingham Palace as the guards marched by but i got tired of waiting for the Queen and decided to head to the London Zoo. (:>) I spent several weekends in London and one weekend in Scotland while i was stationed at Lakenheath Air Force Base. I always wanted to go back with Deb but we never did.
Cat D-11R undercarriage- I am still working away on more parts. Now I’m down to the bogie wheel parts.
Have a great Thurs. and enjoy this one more day God has given us. Be sure to tell someone you love them, they will be glad you did. (:>)

John Deere 8020 , Don Campbell’s dream project.

Ajd8020gardentractor, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

John Deere 8020 – Todays picture shows a awesome handbuilt project some very talented fellow built. I have about ten favorite handbuilt tractors saved on my computer that i sometimes go and drool over, ha,ha. Actually I have over 100 saved garden tractor pictures i like. This one is on my top five list for sure.
Cat Dozer- I am busy cutting out parts and assembling the first ones for the right side undercarriage. Can’t wait to see both tracks sitting on it.
Have a great Wed. !! .

Spring Cleanup on the John Deere 455 with sweeper.

donsweeping, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

John Deere 455 – We have just a couple spots of snow yet but I decided to put the sweeper on this tractor and the 3 bagger system on the other JD 455.
( Click here for sweeping video )
Cat D-11R Dozer Progress- Today I will get going on the right side undercarriage . I am very excited to get it built so I can move ahead and start building the parts that actually attach the tracks to the main tractor frame.
Have a Nice Monday !!