Month: May 2011

Koehring 1066E Resting grounds

donkoehring, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Koehring 1066E Video- Here is a picture i took last fall of the Koehring I got to dig dirt with in one of my videos. It was my first time ever in a excavator as you could tell by the video , ha,ha.
The machine was near Grand Haven at the time but now it sits in Ohio in it’s final resting place before it eventually goes to the scrap yard.
So many good old machines turned into scrap .
These are the machines that really did build this great country of ours and built by Americans , not other countries. Now days America makes very little steel as we continue to be totally dependent on offshore companies. In fact we don’t even make our own lightbulbs anymore and starting next year be buying 100% of them overseas. Very scary to think about.
Cat D-11R – I am busy working on the cab interior , got most of the side and rear panels mounted, got the seat built and mounted and the pedals. It’s just starting to look like a interior.
Northern Michigan Hail and Severe Thunderstorms – It was 75 degrees this morning and we got Hail, and possible Tornados in the forecast for today .
Have a great Tues. !!

Cat 1/3rd scale Cab doors and dash being attached by Don Campbell.

dozercabdash, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat D-11R 1/3rd scale Dozer – Todays picture shows both cab doors now cut out and hinged and the levers built and attached. You can also see the front dash control panel built and bolted in place. Going to work on the operators seat next.
Cold , rainy weekend – staying home waiting for 80 degree sunny camping days (:>)
Steaks on the Grill – We got a couple juicy rib eye steaks getting a light crunch to them on the grill, yum !!
Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend .

Cat D-11Tracks being sanded and primed by Don Campbell .

dozerlefttrackprimed, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat Track Parts- Todays picture shows me making more progress on the sanding and priming of the parts. Tomorrow I will work more on the right side outer undercarriage. I still have to raise the model up and work on the inside of the undercarriages after that.
Cold North Wind today – Deb and i walked about 15 blocks this morning and it was cold with a nasty wind out of Canada. Were sure glad we camped last week in that 80 degree weather, ha,ha.
NEW BED- Tomorrow Deb and i are getting a new fancy deluxe bed with all the bells and whistles, yahoo. !! After sleeping in the motorhome for three nights our backs felt great . It was like sleeping on a sheet of plywood !! I tried talking Deb into just buying a sheet of plywood and throwing it on our bed, but she wouldn’t go for that. tee, hee , hee . The sad thing is at our age the only use the bed will be getting is for Sleeping !! LOL
Dancing With the Stars, American Idol on tonight and we got our big screen tv back , yahoo !! Tonight is the big night for both shows and we get HD besides, oh yea !!
SIX MONTH EXTENSION ON LIFE- The radio preacher said today he messed up again on his figures and gives us all 6 more months until were all dead !! So PARTY, PARTY, PARTY !
Were getting a whole case of PEPSI ! (:>)
Have a great Tues. !!