Month: July 2011

DHS Diecast Toy Show , Open house and Toy Auction.

DHS Toy Show- This weekend in Cleveland Ohio is the Big Toy Show, Open house and Toy Auction and Free Gourmet Hotdogs on the grill.
The sad news is this will be the first year Deb and I will not be delivering toys to the show.
First of all the 1/3rd scale dozer was much bigger of a project than I had figured.
2nd reason is we can’t get the train out of the shop .
3rd reason is I have had some health issues all summer and that kept me from even attempting the project of ripping out the wall and building a larger door into the front garage.
This will be the first year in 15 years we have not made it to even one toy show. My pain is slowly improving but still got to be careful at my age not to overdo it . Now I will finish the dozer in Aug and then work on finishing the boat model by the first week in Sept.
Summer goes by so fast and once Aug. is here we feel summer is pretty much done.
Hope to see everyone next year at Chucks Open house .
Hope your all having a great summer and someone can eat (four) of those gourmet hot dogs for me. (:>).
Have a great week !

Cat 1/3rd Scale D-11 Dozer Blade early assembly by Don Campbell.

don’sdozerblade1, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat D-11R 1/3rd scale Dozer – Todays picture shows the 7 foot blade back plate metal being welded together in sections. If the weather stays cool like today I should get a lot done on the blade, if it goes above 90 I will not weld as it is so hot in my little workshop.
Washington D.C. – Nicole, Bill and Terak made it home yesterday only to walk in their house and feel temps of near 100 degrees. While they were gone their air conditioner quit on them. So they stayed in a motel last night a few miles from home. We just got word this afternoon the air is working again and they are home and cool. We sure had a fun 2 weeks with them.
Hope your having a great summer .