Month: September 2011

Mack Truck Model Project

BIG_0003225312[1], originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

MackPak- Here is a picture of one of the Mack trucks I am going to be building a model of. It is a offroad, articulating bottom dump . One of my you-tube videos shows me driving it and hauling dirt with it and getting it stuck. It is a unique looking rig with very little info on the internet about it. This would be another fun smaller project knowing I actually got to drive it and haul dirt a couple hours with it.
Have a great Thurs.

Big Trucks , tires for more truck models.

dadtirestruck[1], originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Model Trucks- This picture shows me looking over a few of my tires and planning my next truck model projects. I have been unable so far to find the right tires for the Cat 994F Wheel Loader model. So it might get downsized depending on the tires I will have to use. The 994 loader is my favorite of all the monster machines so I just got to buld one of those . I will keep looking for tires and rims for it. I still plan on building it over the winter but maybe smaller. The very first thing I am going to do when I get caught up around the shop is build the front steering axle for the tandem axles sitting on the bench. This has been another project that has been pushed aside for a couple years. I/m thinking a Mack truck , also a Kress Coal Hauler and a Mack Pak articulating offroad truck. My mind just spins with all the machines I would like to build steel models of. It is so cool I still get excited about every new project.
Have a great Wed.