Month: December 2011

Half-scale Versatile 4×4 articulating Tractor with Duel wheels.

halfscaleversatile, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Versatile Tractors- I remember in the 70’s a couple farmers in Central Michigan had 2 or three big 4×4 articulating Versatile Tractors . I always thought they were so cool because there just weren’t many big 4×4 tractors in the area. Most farmers had smaller straight frame tractors. So when I spotted this picture a couple weeks ago I thought it was so cool !! and so unique as i have never seen any other Versatile tractor built in half scale before.
New Years Eve – We got all the goodies for our fondue meal tomorrow night and it looks like the weather is going to be mild so the drunks will have a better chance of getting home.
Gaylord Snowplowing today – I got to fire up the little JD this morning plow the driveway and plow the neighbors driveway as we had over 2 inches of snow building up . Driving on it makes it turn slippery and icy so I had no choice but to plow, ha,ha. 4 to 6 inches of snow in the forecast for Sunday night so we’ll see. It got up to almost 40 degrees this afternoon.
Grilled Buffalo for supper- Bill’s family is having the first buffalo burgers tonight on the grill and he brought us some too.
Have a great Friday !!

Mack R toy truck progress in 1/4 scale

macktruckprimer, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Mack Truck Parts – Todays progress picture shows the cab, hood and trailer with primer sprayed on . The parts are not ready for paint , just sprayed and primed to stop the rusting process . Next week i will finish sanding all the parts then priming them for the last time and get ready to start the final painting.
Northern Michigan SNOW – We are still getting about a half inch of snow everyday but it doesn’t seem to be adding up that much. But one encouraging sign was we saw a snowmobiler go flying through our yard and everyone elses yard on our street yesterday . With only a couple inches of snow everytime he gives it the throttle he will tear up a strip of lawn , ha,ha. Not good (:<).
Buffalo butchering day – Bill and his dad and brothers are having a fun day processing the buffalo more today. Don’t think they will get it all done but they should get quite a bit more done .
New Years Eve Fondue – Every year around Christmas time we sit down for our one fondue night . We never have fondue any other time of the year so it is always great fun. Nicole and Deb absolutely LOVE CHEESE !!! So we been cheese heads all our lives, ha,ha.
Have a great Thurs.

Half Scale Tractors and Don Campbell.

donhalfscaleih, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Half Scale Tractors , Garden tractors – You all know my real passion is 1/2 scale tractors and machinery. So this is the time of year I always get the bug to build me a half scale 4×4 articulating tractor like the one in this picture. I have no doubt i could do it but it is the cost . Maybe one of these days I will just go and do it.
Holiday sickness- We had a great time on Christmas and were still having a great time but we’re getting sick too. The baby got sick first and then me and then Bill . Bill’s mom and dad weren’t feeling too good and Bill’s brother Fred’s little girl had a runny nose for a couple days too.
I guess it’s that time of year and just one of those things we deal with and enjoy because once the family all heads back home we don’t see them again for several months. If I have to be sick to be with my family it is all good. We’re still enjoying everyday they are here and the days are going by fast enough.
BISON – Bill and his brothers are starting to process the big Buffalo today and they are excited about that. I was a meatcutter for almost 20 years so I did my share of meat processing but very few Deer . The arthritas in my fingers from the cold meatroom was taking it’s toll on my hands and thought it was best to do something else.
No snow for the snowmobilers- we are getting a inch or two of snow here and there but still no big snowstorm even in the forecast . Our earth is telling us something in the last year with world record disasters around the world of all kinds.
Deb and I are old and we worry like old people normally do but when you see so many record tragedies in one year all over the world you just have to hope it doesn’t get even worse this year.
So enjoy today and be thankful God has given us one more day . Have a great Wed.

SNOW a rare sight in Northern Michigan

donfirstscoop, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

White Gold – A million dollars is what Nothern Michigan is now losing because we have none of this white gold you see in the bucket of my Waldon loader. Motels, gas stations, ski resorts , repair shops, etc. continue to struggle with little to no tourist traffic over Christmas and now no snow for New Years. The Gaylord Herald Times says were close to 50 inches behind on snowfall now for this winter. It isn’t bad enough the slow economy is causing millions to lose their homes and thousands to lose their businesses now something so common as snow is making things even worse.
It is very common for people to go buy new plow trucks for $50,000 thinking they can pay the $600. to $900 monthly payments from snowplowing. The average snowplow guy can make over $1,000.00 a day plowing so two times a week is 8 times a month or $8,000.00 . That is easy to pay a new truck payment . I am very lucky i have no equipment payments to pay but several of my friends do.
Mack Truck Progress- I worked on the small parts today and primed about 20 of them.
Waldon Loaders- I went out to fire up the two Waldon’s this morning and neither one would start. Once I jumped them they fired right up. So now I am removing the batteries and keeping them in the shop so next time they will be able to start the loaders with no problem.
Have a great Monday !!