Month: January 2012

Gaylord Herald Times , Alpenfrost Festival in Gaylord , snow or rain ?

icewaldon, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Gaylord Alpenfrost Winter Festival – Don Campbell is looking forward to Gaylord Alpenfrost in Feb. but with Global Warming on everyones mind it could end up being warm enough for Alpenfest. (:>) Record warm temps around the world and record disasters world wide and 70 more records broke just this month . I would not want to be in charge of a winter festival this year as it could easily be 50 degrees and no snow. This morning I was plowing snow and this afternoon it got over 40 degrees and this is how quick the snow turned to a small pond in my backyard in Gaylord.
Cat 390DL excavator parts- I got the inside parts all boxed in and tomorrow i’ll start on the lift cylinder and the boom support hinge frame.
Have a great Tues. !!

JD blade and Deb’s Cadillac

cadillacblade, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Gaylord Snowstorm – Four inches of snow yesterday and another 5 inches overnight . Looks a lot like winter here today . Deb was a little nervous as i tried to park the tractor in the garage behind her Cadillac, ha,ha.
Looks like I had a half a blade of snow stuck to the front.
This morning I enjoyed the comfort of the JD 5400 and the cab because when that 84″ snowblower is engaged the snowdust can get pretty miserable without a cab.
Cat 390DL excavator progress- Tomorrow I will move to the center of the body and start boxing in the inside .
Have a great Sunday !!

Cat 390DL Excavator Counterweight construction by Don Campbell.

cat390counterweight, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

1/8th scale Cat 390 excavator parts- Todays picture shows my progress so far on the rear of the body . you can see there are several different angles involved and the center cut out insert and four larger holes with inner metal tubular walls. Also had to build the mounting system to attach it to the main frame. This is just roughed in metal work and no body work yet.
Gaylord Snowstorm today – I fired up the little JD 455 and plowed my driveway and the neighbors driveway as we got 4 more inches this morning. I have plowed ten times this month so winter did arrive if you are a snowplow driver.
Gaylord Snowmobile Trails – Deb and I rode to Traverse City yesterday for lunch at Outback Steakhouse and on the way we checked out some of the snowmobile trails and they were not in very good shape. That day of rain last week really melted a lot of our snow.
Have a great Sat.

Cat 390DL excavator in 1/8th scale right body side progress by Don Campbell.

Cat 390DL Excavator Parts – Today is the third picture of my progress on the 1/8th scale Cat excavator model. This photo shows the right side panels , the grab handles along the top, the right side walkway , the right side ladder and the exhaust stack . Tomorrow I will begin on the rear wall of the body and the rear counterweight parts. Still got a lot to go back and do but now I can start to see early progress and now it becomes fun for me.
Have a great Thurs.