Month: February 2012

Gaylord Herald Times predicts big snowstorm for Gaylord, Michigan.

donplowing, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Otsego County is getting hammered this morning with heavy wet snow . The weatherman at TV 9&10 says we will get 8 to 10 inches by noon today in just 4 hours.
Here is picture Deb just took of me plowing my driveway trying to stay ahead
of the big storm.(:>)
Cat 390DL Track Assemblies- About two more days I should have the left side track frame and pads roughed in.
Have a great Wed.

Chessie 1/4 scale Train building VIDEO

traintracks, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

1/4 scale train- Deb posted the progress from start to finish showing the building of the 15 foot long GP35 Diesel Locomotive.
This was a big project and my first attempt at building a toy train. Deb and Nicole like this model the best of any of them I have built so far.
Even the section of track was fun building .
Cat 390DL Excavator Track Pads- I got the bogie wheels done and cut out the first track pads.
Daytona 500 – What a crazy thing to happen last night with that crash with the jet dryer vehicle. Glad no one was killed.
Have a great Tues.

Cat 390DL Excavator Track parts being cut out by Don Campbell from Gaylord, Michigan .

Cat390DLexcavator, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat 390DLExcavator Track Parts- Todays picture shows me using my small hand operated shear that I have had for over 10 years and have hand cut thousands of parts out. As i get older my shoulder hurts me and I know it is from pressing down on the lever over a hundred times everyday. Just one small part can take 10 cuts so a bigger piece or if I am cutting out circles with it , it can take 30 or 40 cuts. Several years ago I ordered a Electric shear for several thousand dollars and i was so excited . After waiting 6 weeks I called the company and they said they were having trouble getting a couple of the parts to finish the brand new shear. Two weeks later it was still not done and I told them if they had that much trouble finding parts for it brand new that I better cancel my order and I never ordered another one.
By the end of this week the first side of the track should start taking shape.
More snow for Gaylord – Snow in the forecast again so I better fuel up my equipment (:>)
Deb gets a break this time from anymore snowplowing videos, ha,ha.
Diet update- Made it through the weekend 100% on track with our calories so we are so glad.
Have a great Monday !!