Month: March 2012

John Deere 110 garden tractor parts being sanded by Don Campbell.

donsanding110parts, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Garden tractor pulling and Half Scale Garden tractors- Todays picture shows several of the parts for the John Deere 110 already sanded . I will sand the other fender today and then paint the first parts this afternoon . It is a fun little project.
Cat 390DL Excavator – I assembled part of the excavator but will wait til Tues. or Wed. to tape off the main body to paint the black. I want to be sure the yellow is good and dry before i put tape on the fresh paint.
Half Scale jd 4020 – Next week I will get the info scaled up for my John Deere 4020 wide front project . It will be a little larger than half scale but will be built from the ground up . No starting with a 110 and just modifying it . Although those are awesome I want to try to make everything the right scale . a real 4020 has a long nose on it and I want it to look like a real one. Not sure if i can but I am going to give it a try, ha,ha.
Gaylord Snow – It snowed a couple hours yesterday but most of it melted in our area.
Running – Deb and I continue to walk everyday outside and I continue to run everyday trying to lose more weight i gained last fall and winter. I turn 60 in a bout 5 weeks and instead of being depressed about it I want to feel good about it and realize time is slipping away and to enjoy it by feeling better .
Drug Free- My goal is to be the only one on the block that is drug free, alcohol free and smoke free . (:>)
Have a great Sat. and enjoy this one more day God has given us .

Miller Tire sends Don Campbell front tires for his JD 110 lawn tractor.

newfronttiresfor110, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

John Deere – Today I got the second order from Miller Tire out of Wauseon, Ohio.
Buckley Steam Engine Show- for several years I saw the Miller Tire people from Wauseon , Ohio set up at Buckley , Michigan at the annual Steam Engine show south of Traverse City, Michigan. I always stopped and drooled over the 26-12-12 lug tires wanting a pair of my own. But I never had anything to put them on. So now my grandsons little tractor is looking even better today with brand new tires for the front .
10.5 x 80 x 18 Tractor tires and rims- Deb and I went to Traverse City yesterday to get paint and I stopped to check on some used tires along side the road. The guy quoted me a price i couldn’t refuse and i bought them . He had another tire and rim sitting there and he gave me a super price on that one too and i bought all three tires and three rims. The other tire is a 33×12.50×15 on a JD rimm for a 755, 855 or 955 jd compact tractor. It is a brand new tire never been used and i could not resisit buying it for such a cheap price. Now hopefully I can find another one on e-bay or someone has one ruined one and one good one they would sell or possibly but this one from me . Anyway it was a fun day and now I got a set of 35 inch tall lug tires on JD rims for my next JD project that will be either a 4020 or a 730 jd built in 1/2 scale . or just a little bigger than half scale so i will fit on it, ha,ha.
Snow flurries again today.
Cat 390DL – Today the parts are drying again. Can’t wait til it’s finished to see it.
Have a great Thurs.

Cat 390DL Excavator Paint Drying Day for Don Campbell

cat390dlpaintday, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat 390DL – Today I will stay out of the shop to let the paint dry more . I just have a few small parts to paint yet and I still have more black to spray in a few days on the revolving main body. I had to flip over my floor mats and paint in the shop because it got so cold again. But it’s a workshop so it is no big deal if some overspray gets on things. I still keep my shop cleaner than a lot of shops I see, ha,ha.
John Deere 110 Paint – Last night I worked outside removing the second front wheel and sanding the rim . So both of those rims are now ready for paint. Next I will sand the front steel plate and the seat so i paint all the yellow parts together in a couple days.
Dancing With the Stars – Donald Driver does a pretty good job on the Packers football team and on the dance floor. I think he could go several weeks if not win it.
Turbine Cowboys- Can’t wait to see the first episode of Turbine Cowboys.
American Idol – Tonight we will see how they do as you see after a few weeks the ones who get stuck in a rut and sound exactly the same everytime.
New front tires- My new tractor tires for the front should arrive tomorrow from Miller Tire.
Have a great Wed.

Miller Tires. JD 110 Tires ordered today for Don Campbell.

bigtires, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

JD 110 Front Tires – Tomorrow I should get the two front tires I ordered for the little 110 project . I removed one of the front wheels last night and sanded the rim and later today i will do the other one before we mount the new ones in a couple days. I love anything with big tires but I guess this is an exception , ha,ha.
Cat 390DL Paining day – Today I will paint more of the yellow parts.
Running at 60 years old- May 12th I will turn 60 years old and I want to feel good on that day so i am still proceding to lose weight . Today i ran ten blocks and it felt great so each day i will increase a little more . Turning 60 is a very depressing age for many people but I am growing old gracefully and just fine with being old. I joke about it and have said i was 60 now for the last year and now i have said it so much it doesn’t even matter. Deb and I enjoy each day one at a time knowing the time is winding down and not to waste it sitting around being depressed.
Sleet and Snow Today- North of Gaylord this morning the local weather showed it snowing and sleet coming down.
Morel Mushrooms – A couple people found a few morel mushrooms on Sunday . Now were back to freezing nights.
Have a great Tues.