Month: April 2012

1/2 scale tractors and pulling tractors progress by Don Campbell

donsfrontweights, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

1/2 scale 4020 front weights- Todays progress shows the front weights roughed in. Monday i will work on the frame mounting brackets. Tues. the taller front tires should arrive and then I can start building the extended front spindles.
Another frosty morning in Gaylord- Everyday the lawn is solid whit with frost and the roofs on all the houses. And our furnace continues to run almost into May . Crazy weather .
Have a great Sunday with the ones you love .

1/2 scale jd 4020 , garden tractors and pulling tractors by Don Campbell

donsfrontpanel, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Lawn and Garden Tractors- Todays progress picture shows the front panel roughed in and I also got the left side front corner panel and screen reshaped and attached. I still need to go back and reshape the front of the hood to round it off and slope it a little more. Right now i am just getting a rough look at all the different parts I am making. Today i will work on the design for the front weights.
JD110 round fender tractor – I called the repair man and he said he was going to look at the 110 engine next week. He is so slow but he is a nice guy and most of the 110 is done .
1/2 scale John Deere 530 narrow front – I ordered the rear tires for the 530 project and they should arrive on Tues.
Puller garden tractor project- The puller project is going to have chrome wheels , a sporty steering wheel , a cool chrome exhaust stack and some cool graphics with my grandson Teraks name on it. So all four of these garden tractor projects are very exciting and i am having so much fun as my 60th birthday approaches on May 12th. I don’t have time to think about being old, ha,ha.
Komatsu pc-8000-6 mining excavator – I got a few more parts cut out last week , mid May i will get back to toy building 4 days a week and garden tractor building part time.
Diet Progress- Not a good report as Deb and I continue to walk every morning but it just got so boring eating celery , cabbage soup and rice cakes. It is tough when it is so fun to eat junk food. And 90% of food is junk food , ha,ha.
Have a great Sat. and I really do thank God at my age for one more day when i see in the local paper people passing away in their 50’s and 60’s.

1/2 scale tractor hood progress by Don Campbell

donsfrontnoseconversion, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Garden tractors – Todays progress shows me in the process of changing the look of the front hood . Yesterday the front of the hood slanted backwards and I wanted it to look more like the real 4020 tractor with the hood slanting forward. I still have more work to do on it but I am happy so far with the hood modifications.
Hard Frost this morning for Gaylord again as we continue to have below temperatures for this time of year. 29 degrees this morning and Deb and i will head out on our morning walk . We just bundle up a little and wear gloves. It still beats snow and ice or tornados or 106 degree temps in the south. Next week the jet stream is supposed to shift bringing us some 70 degree weather.
American Idol – Another singer got booted off last night as they get closer to choosing a winner.
Have a great FRIDAY and enjoy this day God has given us .

Garden Tractors and pulling tractors in half scale.

donsfuelcaps, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

half scale 4020 progress- Todays picture shows the air cleaner stack now roughed in and I fabricated a red and a black cap for the hood for radiator and fuel. You can also see the new tires I just got mounted from Miler Tire.
Komatsu pc-8000-6 Got a couple more parts cut out for this project.
JD precision tractors in 1/16th scale- You can see a precision 4020 narrow front and a precision wide front 4020 toy tractor sitting on the hood and fender. I bought these many years ago hoping someday I would build one in half scale. I paid 100 dollars for the wide front and I think today it is worth over 400 dollars to collectors. Hope it doesn’t roll off the hood , ha,ha.
Chrome wheels in my shop- People are asking me what the chrome wheels are for in some of the pictures. I bought them last fall for a upcoming cat loader project but that changed and now two of them are already mounted on the back of one of my garden tractor projects for my grandson Terak. I think it would be cute to make one of the four garden tractors into a cute looking hot rod type tractor with chrome wheels and a racing steering wheel , cool decals, etc.
JD 430 hood- Today I am making the front hood emblem , you can see it laying on the piece of metal next to the red and black caps. Then I will begin fabricating the new curved , rounded look for the front of the hood to make it look like a real 4020 hood.
Have a great Thurs. and enjoy this one more day God has given us.