Month: May 2012

Half scale tractors, narrow front garden tractors by Don Campbell

donfrontgrillin, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

JD tractor parts- Todays picture shows the front steel now cut out of the grill and the metal screen in place. It’s hard to see with the light . Also today i built the fuel cap and the radiator caps for the hood. Then I drilled 8 holes in the top of the hood and started attaching the exhaust stack and air cleaner stack for the first time. Tomorrow I think I’ll work on mounting the first fender to the frame.
You can see it isn’t sitting quite level right now, ha,ha.
Go Cart Steering wheels- Tomorrow the two garden tractor steering wheels should arrive.
Diamond plate chrome plated- I bought a piece of shiny diamond plate metal for the running boards on Teraks pulling tractor and some chrome rod for the side levers to dress it up.
Frost tonight – It has been cold today with cold north air blowing in from Canada . Going to frost tonight in some areas.
Komatsu pc-8000-6 mining mass excavator – Next Monday i get back to toy building and put the four garden tractors aside so I want to get this jd720 narrow front a little farther along before Monday . Once the fenders get mounted and the seat is built it will look good on the right side . I would also like to get the rear right wheel insert/axle done .
Have a great Wed.

Half Scale jd 720 narrow front by Don Campbell

donclutchwheel, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Garden tractor parts, garden tractor pullers- Todays progress picture on the half scale jd 720 narrow front shows the front tri-rib tires now monuted on rims and attached to the front axles. You can also see progress on the front nose of the hood . This afternoon I built the cowling for the steering section and the dash. On the right side you can see the clutch wheel, the clutch pads, linkage and the clutch lever. And last you can see the frame work in front of the clutch. Tonight I cut out the first opening on the right side of the front where the screen will go. So it has been a productive time since the last picture before we went camping.
Frost for Gaylord- 90 degree again and now back to highs in the 50’s with a slight chance of frost.
Garden tractor Steering wheels – Go cart steering wheels is what i ordered two of and they should arrive Thurs. 12 inch dia, I’ll have to see how I like them . They were very inexpensive at only $15.00 ea. so hopefully they will work good.
Have a great Tues.

First camping trip for 2012 for the Campbells , Cat D-11R front Plate.

doncatplate, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Cat D-11R – Nicole got me a cool front license plate for my Birthday with me and my Cat D-11R model on it. So if the guy camping by you this summer has one of these on their motorhome there is a pretty good chance it is Deb and i , ha,ha.
Thanks Nicole !!
Soo Locks Camping Trip – We had a great time watching the ships go by the campground and we went down to the locks a couple times and watched a few ships go through the locks nice and close from the new observation tower . It is much nicer than the old one.
Mackinaw City – We timed it just right to be in Mackinaw City just as their Annual Parade was beginning . The town was packed with tourists. It was nice to see all the stores busy selling fudge and popcorn .
Kilwins Chocolates CLOSED – A few of the Kilwins Chocolate stores have closed recently probably due to the slow economy. We were surprised to see two of the Mackinaw City Kilwins Stores Closed and one in Va. .
$23.00 a lb chocolate could be part of the problem. Fancy candy stores continue to raise prices on already overpriced candy and ice cream cones are pushing close to $5.00 each. Our Moonies ice cream store in Gaylord actually weighs every cone and charges you by the lb. That is very strange and expensive.
Alices Carmel Corn- is always a stopping place for us in Mackinaw City. The owner has struggled too recently and now two more brand new large candy stores opening this year and they have very large sections for carmel corn and a variety of other flavors of popcorn. So it is going to be tougher yet for the owner of Alices Carmel Corn this season. He did rearrange the store and it looked very nice.
Two more pictures below this one of our camping weekend.
Have a great Monday and enjoy this one more day God has given us.