Month: July 2012

3 g for Gaylord

atower, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

I phones- Over two years ago we were promised 3g from the salesman . So we bought two I phones thinking it was only going to be 8 to 12 weeks as the fellow who sold them to us had said.
Every six months people spread a new rumor that this is the month were all getting 3g . The rumor was all over the county it was going to be all done last week . And here we are another month with no 3g. In the meantime hundreds of new i phone users have slowed down the old service and it is almost worthless.
Deb and I drove over to the tower today and two guy were working on it . One guy way up at the top and one guy on the ground . They were slowly raising one more cable. Looked like it would take about one hour to raise one cable as we watched it slowly go upward. So this made us come to the conclusion that these two guys at this rate it should be sometime in 2013 or 2014 , LOL
Everyday Deb says , ” Did we get 3g yet”
and everyday I have to break the news to her , ” No Honey, Not Yet ”
When Deb saw the hundreds of cables lined up going to the top and we saw all the cables still unconnected I think she realizes now it’s going to be quite while yet.
Have a great Monday !!

Losing weight , my rocking chair seems bigger already

abigchair, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

One week ago today Nicole ran in the Alpenfest 5K run and she got a medal.
As I sat on the sidelines looking over at the foodcourt and smelling all them greasy french fries and that high salt Chinese food. YUM.
What a difference just a week makes. This morning I got up and ran my best run this year and hopped on my mountain bike and did a 20 mile ride.
I biked over 100 miles since last Sat. and it feels great.
I’m going to ride to Mackinaw City again this fall but I got to be careful this time and stop and rest a few times. Last time I injured myself I did it in 6.5 hours and barealy stopped at all. Plus i was running 7 days a week. Now that I’m officially 60 and really old I got to be more careful.

Walloon Lake Steam and Tractor Show

awallonlakegoodtime, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Walloon Lake – Deb and I had a fun afternoon yesterday at the tractor show. We got ringside seats and the weather was perfect. I still enjoy seeing the old tractors go by.
Seeing the old tractors with the hand clutches brings back some fun memories.
Also a half a dozen doodlebugs in the parade were fun to see.
Just a bunch of good folks having some good old fashioned fun.
Cooler weather – Area farmers are getting rain and cooler weather . My folks got a inch of rain yesterday and their crops look really good.
Have a great Friday

Komatsu parts for bucket linkage and is probably my last model.

abucketlinkage, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Komatsu pc-8000-6 – Todays picture shows me making progress on the linkage that dumps the bucket. You can also see the very early stages of the hydraulic cylinders.
Last Model – It has been a lot of fun building the models over the years and we have met so many nice people. But like everyone else the economy has taken it’s toll on people buying toys .
There is a good chance this is my last big model . God closes one door and opens another and I am keeping positive that that is what will happen.
Once i finish this last big model I will then go back to building the mini farm tractors and plows . This is what I want to do anyway so it must have been in Gods plan all along. If it is meant to be I will be able to make a few dollars and keep doing them. But if not plan B will be to sell everything including our house and head out in our motorhome out East. Maybe closer to Nicole where we could see that little baby more than 4 times a year. My workshop is so small I could set up a little tiny shop and make 1/87th size models , ha,ha.
FORE CLOSERS IN OTSEGO COUNTY- We heard on the local news last night that Everyday , Mon through Fri. since Jan , 1st there has been a new flore closer in Otsego County. Not counting weekends.
They said 120 families are losing their homes just the first 6 months . And many of these people have not lost their jobs.
So many people who got caught up in the credit card mess and refinancing their mortgages are now unable to pay their basic monthly expenses. They also that most cities and small towns are close to bankrupsy . So it isn’t just homeowners. Only 25% of Americans have faith in our own banking system in a recent poll. And now with the worst drought and forest fires were going through some very sad times.
While Wall Street is all smiles because they are not losing money , it’s our money they continue to lose telling everyone hang on , it’s coming back. They continue to skim their fair share every month living the good life.
Deb and i always try to see the positive and look at so many people that have it much worse. We worried about everything our whole life and were not sure if it was worth it , ha,ha.
The bottom line is ENJOY this one more day God has given us (:>)
Have a great Thurs.