Month: August 2012

burnt leg , What a Pain !!

Don welding hub, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Welding burn – This afternoon I was welding on the big Waldon snow bucket when a hot spark rolled down the curved metal right into my workboot. I could see the smoke coming out and I shook my foot and that made it go down farth and burn me more , yikes. So my next choice was to hurry and unlace all the laces and get that boot OFF , ha,ha. Once it was off I saw the front of my sock all burnt and when I pulled off the sock I saw a 2.5 inch long burn on the top side of my foot , Youch !! As I set here changing my webpage I am having sharp pains from the long burn but I can’t complain because over 40 years of welding I never got this bad of a burn.
The good news is I got those nasty bucket pins cut off . I beat the crap out of those pins and they would not budge . So I got the hand held bandsaw out and cut the shafts from the inside . Even after the pins were cut and the outside bushings were cut off the short remainder of the pins would not budge. 20 years of rusty salty pins is just like it is one solid pice of metal. I also installed a new black seat and a couple grab handles on the back.
The Waldon looks funny with no bucket.
Next week I’ll build a new quick tach frame for the bucket and the forks.
Then the Waldon 5000 will be ready .
Have a safe , great holiday weekend.

front loader chrome exhaust stack project.

achromestack, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Used Loaders for sale – Todays fixer upper project on my loader I decided to cut off the horizontal exhaust system and redo it with a little chrome and reweld it in a vertical position like a big boy loader, ha,ha,. I have wanted to put a big boy exhaust stack with chrome for a couple years. Now that the other loader has sold I got more time to spend with this one. We been bonding a lot this week.
Another neighbor gave me two more semi exhaust pipes yesterday but they had straight ends on them. So I turned my black muffler system into a shiny chrome one. I really like it . I did have to spend $9.99 for a chrome top pipe, grrrrr.
JD suitcase weights and frame – I also worked on sanding the frame that will hold the 6 rear suitcase weights that will go on the back of the jd455 . They were pretty rusty when i got them from the neighbor. He was getting ready to haul the frame to the scrapyard so i dug it out of the tall grass and brought it home when i brought home the snowblower he gave me that day.
Have a great Thurs.

Loader center pin replacement completed.

afinishedpinjob, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Used loader parts- I am happy to say I got the lower center pin problem fixed this afternoon.
Three years I been playing on this machine and everytime I raised the bucket the rear of the machine would move up and down about 4 inches from the lower pin problem. So the old Waldon 5000 is getting nicer to drive everyday. I actually like this one better with the big tires and the big snow bucket but the smaller loader was a better overall machine. They both run great and the hydraulics both work great but this one is older. Tomorrow I got to grind the ends of the pins on the bucket and get a sledge hammer and try to drive them out. Somebody welded the ends of the pins so it could be tricky getting them out. I want to try to rig up a quick tach system for the bucket or the front forks. Without the bucket you can see the forks so much better .
Have a great Wed.

Front loader Center Pins repairs.

awaldonpin, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Waldon 5000 – Todays picture shows my afternoon project that turned into a two day project. For three years the bottom center articulating pin has been wobbly . It was rusted solid to the center pivot ball . Tried many times to soak it and hammer it out with no luck. Today I was determined to get that pin out come hell or high water, ha,ha.
Got the torch out and commenced to cut, and cut and cut . Hosed it down twice with cold water and hammered wome more to break the rust free but no luck.
More cutting away of the support bracket and finally a couple more hits from below with a sledge hammer and a piece of one inch rod and it popped out. YIPPEE !
Tomorrow I will have to grind everything smooth and start building the replacement pivot frame parts i cut out today. I was careful what I cut and didn’t touch the main lower frame swivel section. So once the parts are rewelded it should be great. I am putting extended threads on the bottom of the pin to insure the pin doesn’t work loose again.
Got a couple more calls today on this Waldon but for now I am having fun fixing it up. I put a new grab handle on it a new step , modified the foot pedal and repainted a lot of the box. I’d like to put a cool chrome stack on it too as the neighbor guy said he has two more chrome truck stacks i can have like I put on my grandsons hot rod tractor.
JD suitcase weights- I got 7 jd weights I sanded today and painted them to go on the back of my little jd 455 . This will be the first time ever snowblowing with one of my little tractors now my big john deere is gone. Got to be sure it has weight on the back .
Have a great Tues.