Month: September 2012

Komatsu pc-8000-6 Final Assembly

assemblypart1, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Monster Mining Machines- Todays picture shows the painted model tracks bolted to the center pivot to the main revolving house. I also now have the boom and lift cylinders bolted in place. Several of the other parts are just sitting in position but not tightened yet.
The cab shell is just sitting on top. You can see several more parts in the photo that need to be assembled. By tomorrow night I should have most of the rest of the parts attached. I also painted the railings today.
Have a great Sat.

Komatsu Tracks Painted Today

atrackpainted, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Painting Progress- Yesterday I got several smaller parts painted and today I got all the track parts painted. Tomorrow I’ll sand more parts in the morning and will get the rest of the parts painted in the afternoon.
Coal Mines lay off 800 in W.V. – Very sad to see more and more Americans continue to lose their jobs knowing most of them will never come back. I talked to a man who moves factory machines overseas and he said none of the machines are coming back , in fact he is still shipping more of them overseas as we speak.
Have a great Thurs.

Komatsu Paint , Road Trip Today

aroadtrippaint, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Komatsu Coal Equipment- This morning I welded the last parts up for the big model . Then we hopped in the car and headed to Traverse City to get the Komatsu Paint we ordered yesterday from Lansing AIS Store.
After we picked it up we headed to the Red Lobster for a Rock Lobster Dinner , yum !! The best thing was it was FREE. It Pays to DISCOVER !! Deb and I have never paid any interest on any credit card . Instead we have always paid our complete balance off every month . In doing that Discover pays us a percentage towards free meal cards. So we have always gone our for supper for free for several years. I guess you could say
” It Pays to Discover ” ha,ha,
How we have always done it is everytime we charge something we always take one minute and deduct it from the checking account at the same time. Then at the end of the month when you get that shocking amount of 4 or 5 thousand dollars charged you know you already deducted it and your in the clear.
Candy Corn Oreos- We also stopped at Target to get us some Candy Corn Oreos but they were all sold out. Even in this slow , near great depression status it is almost impossible to get a I-phone 5 or a package of Candy Corn Oreos, ha,ha,ha. Even in Washington D.C. they are selling out of the new Oreos by noon , that is crazy.
I guess the problem is it takes so long for them to arrive from China because no-one in the U.S. knows how to make them , LOLH
Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be painting the first parts.
Have a great Tues.

Komatsu Crane and boom ladder.

atopcrane, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Komatsu Progress- I worked Sat. and Sunday on the model and got the top boom steps and railings built , got the crane built along with a side round screen , both cab side protective louvers, another set of stairs and some side protector bars. I have been sick today so my progress has been slower. Still hoping to have the model painted and reassembled by this Sunday night .
Have a great Monday !!
Komatsu Paint- We ordered some paint for the model and will take a little road trip later this week and pick it up. Also we will stop at a Target Store and pick up some Candy Corn Oreos. Been wanting to try them but only Target sells them.
Also going to stop at Red Lobster as i been craving lobster . We get rebate cards back from discover for free meals when you pay your full credit card balance off every month. So best of all the lobster dinner will be FREE. yippee. It is rare we pay for a meal as we usually have a couple of the free meal cards on hand.
FOOTBALL — YIKES , It has been a crazy beginning to the season so far but we got to see a couple great games yesterday and hope the Packers game tonight is a good one. I always want the Packers to win but I also love watching a great football game and the best team that makes the least mistakes usually wins. But with these new refs there can be a few miscalls, ha,ha.