Month: October 2012

Home made cab windows being cut out.

acabwindowproject, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Garden tractor cab- Todays picture shows me working away cutting out the lexan for the Waldon cab project. Tomorrow I will begin drilling the panels and building the metal strips that will secure them in place on the cab. I am thinking now i might have to build a cab for the jd 455 and the jd mini 4020 if they both have snowblowers on them.
48″ snowblower gearbox- I bought the $50.00 48″ 2 stage blower not knowing if it worked. The guy told me it was not set up and they put new bearings in it two years ago. Let me tell you , it was SETUP BIG TIME !! After tearing down the blower I opened up the front gear box and dumped out about two cups of water. Then I removed the front bearing cap and a dozen or so pieces of small metal fell out. When I removed the side cover I could see solid rust inside the worm gear . It was set up BIGTIME !! I had nothing to lose so I removed everything soaked it in penetrating oil , then sanded everything nice and shiny . I lucked out and had a couple brand new bearings that have sat around here for over 15 years and they fit perfect. This morning I greased everything up and reassembled it . Good to go . Next i have to rebuild the mounting brackets to fit my jd 455 Diesel
and build a frame to lift the blower hydraulicly. I will remove the single stage blower that i converted a couple months ago .
John Deere 59″ 2 stage snowblower gearbox- I think I located parts for the other broken snowblower and going to go check on them later this week.
Hurricane Sandy- Nicole and Bill and Terak lucked out and just got 6 inches of rain and some wind but no damage. Were so glad for them. Feel so sad for all the others that were not so lucky.

Hurricane Sandy Gaylord Couple leaves D.C. Gaylord Herald Times

abarnphoto, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Gaylord Herald Times- The local newspaper workers will feel effects even in the in the Great Lakes .
Don and Debbie Campbell cut their fall vacation short on Sunday morning as they decided to make the 13 hour drive back to Gaylord.
With high winds and possibly 10 inches of rain , power outages, downed trees , etc. it was time to leave.
Their daughter and son in law were prepared for another Eastern storm as they fueled up their generator , loaded up on food , water and fuel in their vehicles.
Their local gas station was out of gas the morning they pulled out of the city.
Traveling west on the turnpike the Campbells started counting the convoys of rescue vehicles , power line bucket trucks, tree service bucket trucks , etc and stopped counting at 500 . A real sight to see they said. Leaving town they ran into rain for two hours , then 2 hours of dense fog through the mountains and then back into heavy rain for another 3 hours until they reached Toledo , Ohio.
With black ice possible Monday morning the Campbells kept on the driving to the safety of the little Northern Alpine Village of Gaylord.
Article by Jimmy

Nicole and Bills New Home and Hurricane Sandy

nicoleshouse, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

NEW HOME for Nicole and Bill- We got to tour Nicole and Bills new home yesterday and it is incredible. We are so excited for them. This is their dream home and they were willing to move to the big city and fight the daily traffic jams to live the big city life. Bill gets to hunt just a few miles East of their property and Nicole has lots of stores to shop in. So it is a trade off that works perfect. They actually really like living in the D.C. area. Hurricane Sandy will arrive tomorrow and were all anxious to see how well the house holds up. Actually the house is the exact model of the house they are building . They actually break ground in two weeks and hopefully the possible 6 inches of rain with Sandy won’t postpone the starting date.
Have a great Sat.