Month: November 2012

Sold my Ski-Doo today in 10 minutes on Craigslist

donmackinawsnowm, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

2004 rev 600 with only 1500 miles for sale $2,500.00
Deb put the add on this morning on Craigslist and the phone was ringing off the hook . People were offering us $300.00 to $500.00 more than asking price. We told them the asking price was fine . Now we got several people to call back if the first deal falls through .
Deb hurried and took it off Craigslist.
I know 1500 miles is very low miles and I put on a brand new studded track on it 700 miles ago. Electric start and a Blair Morgan Edition besides with extra suspension. So it really is a good deal compared to spending over $10.000.00 for a brand new one. I only rode the Ski-doo two or three times a year in the field behind our house. Time to go and make room for garden tractors . I am fine with the top speed of those little tractors, lol
Going to take Deb out for lunch today to celebrate (:>)
Closing on their house- Nicole and Bill signed the papers yesterday for their closing . Now they can focus on getting their new home built . How fun for them to be building their dream home. They are very hard workers and we are so proud of them. They are a great team working together . And that little boy is mighty special too (:>)
Have a great Thurs.

The Old Days in Alma, Michigan

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4×4 Coot – Tomorrow is the funeral for my ex brother in law. My sister and her three boys lived next to us for 10 years. We had so many memories there until she was killed . Life changed in a hurry as he remarried just a few months later. Her three young boys moved out and had to grow up fast. One boy moved in with us for a while. I loved helping Al on the farm and I enjoyed jogging with my sister on the country roads. Nicole was just a baby and was close to my sisters little boys and they all loved Nicole.
Deb and my sister Sandy were born on the exact same day and the same year.
Deb found this snowplow picture today and it brought back many memories from many years ago showing their farm house next to our house.
We moved to Gaylord because it was hard not seeing my sister or her boys anymore. I always believed something good could come out of something bad.
It took many years to happen but Nicoles Bill came along and fell in love with our only daughter and they have such a wonderful marriage and now a wonderful little boy.
Had we not moved to Gaylord that could never have happened, so something good did come out of such a sad time in our lives. Sorry to ramble on but I am feeling sad thinking about the fun times long ago. And now Al will be buried tomorrow. It is another reminder for us to enjoy each day God has given us .
Have a nice Wed.

Cub Cadet 14hp hydrostatic transmission for sale

aonan16hpengine, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

My First Cub Cadet- My best buy !! $100.00 tractor I just bought from the people down the road . What a nice running Onan 14hp engine . And a hydrostatic transmission AND a brand new battery. My mind is already spinning how I can have fun with this project.
I know people who spend $100.00 on a shirt or a fancy pair of jeans. They get enjoyment out of doing that. Not me, I get hours and hours of enjoyment from a $100.00 garden tractor , ha,ha,ha.
More snow for Gaylord tomorrow.
Have a great Tues.

JD 455 cab lights getting hooked up

awiringjob, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Garden tractor lights- Today I played in the snow in the backyard again on the mini jd 4020 . It takes a little getting used to with different controls but I am enjoying the change.
Todays picture shows me running the wiring to the 11 cab lights. I got them all to work manually. Tomorrow I’ll make a overhead dash with five seperate switches . One for high beams and one for low beams, one for the top side blinking cab lights and one for the red taillights and one for the strobe light .
My little grandson will love being inside with me at night with all the lights on.
I should get it done by tomorrow night .
More snow for Gaylord – 6 to 9 inches for Gaylord and a few more inches tonight.
Not enough to test out my 2 stage snowblower yet. When I get done playing on the Waldon and the 4020 there is no snow left to try out the snowblower., ha,ha.
If all goes well Wednesday I will pull the next tractor inside the shop to fit it with a front blade
Football – Hard to get excited about football with so many key players on sick leave. Hopefully soon they will stop calling in sick.
Have a great Monday