Month: December 2012

John Deere 110 oversized tires VIDEO

alittlepusher, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Garden Tractor Video-
Today’s video shows Nicole pushing Terak back and forth in my workshop on the jd 110 with the oversized tires. I think he is getting bored being pushed and wants grandpa to get that engine in it, ha,ha.
Shoveling snow – Yesterday Bill helped me shovel off the worst spots of the house roof and all the workshop roof and we did the whole back shed roof . We also got to see Terak try out his new green snow shovel . He really loved shoveling snow !!! Nicole wasn’t as excited being out in the snow, ha,ha.
New Years Eve- We bought a whole beef tenderloin for grilling and plenty of fondue cheese and goodies for our big night . We always do fondue each year around New Years.
FABRICATION – Our time with the kids is almost done and we have had so much fun. I’m sure going to miss that little boy .
I will get back to working in the shop soon.
We wish all of you a very safe and Happy New Year !!!!


Terak’s First Shovel and it is GREEN !!

agreennewshovel, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Baby’s first snowshovel – Todays picture is pretty cute as Terak checks out his new piece of snow removal equipment. So far he has not expressed any interest in going out in the snow and cold and breaking it in, ha,ha.
His momma has no interest in going out in the snow either so this piece of equipment will probably get no wear this winter. In fact Terak has no interest now in even riding on the tractors outside in the cold, ha,ha. So it looks like he will be a fair weathered tractor driver only lol
Webpage stats down – My daily visitor stats pick up every winter by a couple hundred during the winter months but over the holidays they drop as i focus on my grandson , daughter and Son-in-law and take a break from the workshop.
Waldon Loader- I did sneak in some work on the Waldon last week making new cables and running them up to the dash and also remounting the key switch up on the dash . Before the cab was on I just reached behind the seat to run the controls. I used drain cleaner cables and inserted 14 guage wire for the cables. Each cable is 10 feet long . Tractor cables are very expensive expecially 10 foot long ones. These ended up costing me only $12.00 ea.
Have a great Sunday

Precious Moments

abook, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

A Grandpa and a grandson Memory- Last night we babysitted Terak and he had so much fun with Grandma and I. We chased him around the house and wrestled with him and let him eat some ice cream and a cookie and he was all wound up, ha,ha. But just before Bill and Nicole picked him up we switched back to a slow reading relaxed mode to let him unwind a little bit, ha,ha. It has been so much fun being a Grandpa and Grandma.
We accept were old and we enjoy it and are thankful for what we have. Each day is a gift from God and each moment we spend with Nicole, Bill and Terak is one more precious moment together.
Have a great Sat.

Terak’s New John Deere Shirt

anewshirt, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

City Boy – Not sure the little neighbor kids will think but Terak loves his new Tractor shirt.
This time of year it feels so nice to get to see Nicole , Bill and Terak everyday . We are so thankful Nicole and Bill get along so well and are so good to each other. Were also so thankful they are so good to their little boy. So many families now days have to drop their kids off at daycare but Nicole and Bill have managed to raise Terak themselves and it really shows with the very close bond they have.
And what a neat feeling I get when Terak favors his grandpa all day long and comes up and hugs me several times a day. What a lucky guy I am to also have someone as wonderful as Deb in my life.
I am so thankful to God for giving us one more Christmas together.
We hope your all still enjoying Holiday company at your house.
Have a great Thurs.