Month: January 2013

Four garden tractors in my tiny workshop

afourtractorpic, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Mini Tractors in Mini Workshop , ha,ha.
Rain to solid ICE – Yesterday it was 35 degrees with rain almost all day . Over night the temps turned to 15 degrees with a windchill of zero . No school today again for the kids . The city snowplows are trying to scrape the roads and salt them but neither process is working with these very cold temps. Highs today only 17 degrees . The local police said the morning radio station it’s going to be a very busy day with lots of accidents on the roads. I’ll putter in the shop and Deb can bake some cookies (:>) and we’ll stay off the slippery roads.
Have a great Thurs.

America is out of chicken wings the media says

chickenwings, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Superbowl sunday and no wings ??- All the news channels are reporting a shortage of chicken wings in America. Funny how when real news is slow and boring they tend to make up stories to get peoples attention.
Every display in our area grocery stores this morning were filled as full as possible. Not one sign on any displays saying ( limit 10 ) wings per family, ha,ha.
VIRUS grrrrrrrrrr- It has been a couple years since I opened a e-mail from anyone and clicked on it. Nicole told me about it today and trust me it will make me answer less and less e-mails . I can’t believe how many good e-mails I get with no subject. Most of them I just delete and from now on every e-mail will be deleted that I have a bad feeling about . So if you e-mail me and I don’t answer it’s because the virus people are making me more and more careful. What are all these virus protective software for if not to get them.
I’m sure my days on the internet are winding down. Now that I am no longer building models to share my progress I will not re new my flicker account next year. It has been fun but one more year on the internet will be enough.
Pouring rain to heavy wet snow in Gaylord . Yesterday I had 6″ of water in my back yard and it poured most of the night . Now things are freezing up and it is supposed to start snowing this afternoon with 5 to 9 inches. Crazy weather around the world sure tells us things are changing .
Have a great Wed.

Simplicity Landlord converted to hot rod John Deere

asimplicity, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Garden Tractors- It is funny now to look back last spring at the old Simplicity Landlord tractor I dragged home with no idea of it’s future. All I knew was I wanted some old garden tractors to putter with before my time is up here on this old earth, ha,ha. I actually bought two garden tractors the day I got this one. I also bought the Montgomery Wards tractor too. I still have to fix the carb problem but I did put new points and a new condenser in both tractors today.
I started up the jd 4020 after it has sat outside for several weeks and it fired right up. It started out as a jd 430 and that was my first garden tractor project.
Rain and flooding in our backyard today and I was busy shoveling my roofs with over 12 inches of heavy wet snow on them. More snow in the forecast tomorrow afternoon .
Have a great Tues.

Gaylord Herald Times says no school today .

asnowpilea, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Gaylord Herald Times- Another snow day for areas schools with a wet heavy snow and a layer of ice on top and a cold rain . We got a mixed bag of weather today in Gaylord.
Todays picture shows me stacking snow with my little mini loader . I have the most fun in the winter playing in the snow with my little fleet of equipment, ha,ha. I think most men like pushing dirt or snow around on tractors. It’s just a guy thing (:>)
This old loader doesn’t have much power and it moves very slow but I sure have fun on it. And now with my new home made cab it is even more fun.
Have a great Monday !!