Month: February 2013

Gaylord Michigan and still snowing

afullbucket, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Won’t be long and we should hit 120 inches of snow in Gaylord. But the good news is tomorrow is March first. I redesigned my throttle lever in the cab and this was the first day trying out the new bucket linkage and for the first time ever i could load a heaping bucket and it stayed in the bucket when i lifted it out of the snowbank. Before some of the snow would fall out of the bucket. This latest center bucket linkage allows the bucket to tip back farther than ever before since I bought the machine.
Deb took more video today on my trying out the new bucket. I like watching the videos myself . I only get a couple hundred viewers on my snowplow videos so I don’t download many of them anymore.
FOUR LETTER WORD – Tomorrow is March 1st and I got 8 weeks before we head to Va. so the four letter word is DIET.
It takes me one month to get rid of the bloated feeling and look, then it takes me the second month to fine tune my six pack , LOLH . Seriously , it takes me two months to get to feeling great again and it is time , we are ready to go tomorrow. Were eating all the junk food this week in the house and not replacing it so tomorrow the house will be back to having healthy choices only. (:>)
Have a great Thurs.

Gaylord 2013 snowfall reaches 112 inches video

ashrinkingbackyard, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Gaylord , Michigan Snow Video
Today it snowed again for the 18th day this month . I am having a blast playing on my little tractors. I fabricated another bucket linkage bar again yesterday for the mini loader and now i got it perfect so the bucket will roll back farther than it ever has . Now it will carry even more snow than before.
JD 47in. snowblower- The new snowblower is working excellent but I read I could get more throwing distance by installing a flapper kit on the impellar. I notice a 3/4 to 1 inch gap between the impellar and the housing and that is lost distance for throwing snow. I read with the flapper kit is can increase the snow throwing distance by 5 to 10 feet farther and it makes sense . So I will probably look into it for next season for sure.
Daytona 500- Going to take the afternoon off from snowplowing and enjoy the big race.
Have a great Sunday !


Unimog best buy

ahundredinchesofsnow, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Unimog – Yesterday on our way to get the mail we saw this truck being loaded with snow by the City of Gaylord’s Unimog snowblower machine. It is not a very big machine as you can see compared to the truck it is loading but it is a real workhorse.
I remember about 20 years ago when they bought it they paid around $30,000.00 dollars for it and it only had about 50 hours on it. It came with a front broom and the snowblower and a mower. It looked like brand new and i thought that seemed like a aweful lot of money for such a small machine. But let me tell you that 20 years later I have changed my my mind about spending that money. This little machine works about 40 hours a week blowing back the hard snowbanks all over Gaylord. I would be curious how many hours it has on it now . It is still going strong and has to be one of the City of Gaylords best investments. It can load a full sized dump truck in less than five minutes compared to a front end loader that would be much slower.
More snow today , I was woke up this morning by the rumble of the city snowplow again for the fifth day in a row of snow. Out of the last 23 days of Feb. it has snowed 17 of those days. Even though I have tractors I still hand shovel around the walks, back deck , to the back shed and i hand shovel the short driveway to the back shed everytime it snows. It takes me around one hour . So it is great excercise and I know the fun part is yet to come when i get to climb on one of the tractors and then just play (:>)
Next Friday is March 1st and that is a sure sign spring is just around the corner regardless of the tall snowbanks everywhere you look.
Shoveling snow is very relaxing to me and I just go slow and don’t overdo it. It is also very peaceful and it reminds me of when i was a little boy in Breckenridge , Mich shoveling snow making a dollar or two from the little old lady next door. Funny how things trigger memories like that.
Well I got the shoveling done and it is Sat. so i think I will take Deb out for lunch and enjoy the afternoon with her.
Have a great Sat.

Gaylord Snowfall at 109 inches and rising .

aneighborsdriveway, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Gaylord Snowfall – So much for Global Warming at our house in Gaylord, Michigan .
Bitter cold and gusty Canadian winds out of the North are keeping area roads snow covered and slippery. Road salt does not work on the roads with temps at or near zero degrees. One or two days a week if it does get close to 32 or 33 degrees the snow changes over to freezing rain and adds more ice. This picture shows my neighbors clean driveway . He hand shovels it everyday and what he can’t throw up on the edges of the driveway he hand carries the snow across the street. He has done this for many years. He also keeps one of the other neighbors driveway clean too and he hand shovels it . He is over 60 years old and in great shape. I keep my driveway this clean but I have a little bit of help , ha,ha. We now have 109 inches of snow and were getting several more inches right now as I sit here on the computer. I just checked the radar and in the next hour it will be done and i will be off to have fun in the new snow. (:>)
Waldon Bucket linkage broke- The last two afternoons I fabricated a new bucket linkage brackets for the center link. I had welded it before but it cracked again so i just decided to rebuild it completely.
Nicole and Bills House Progress- The brick is all done on the front , the siding is all on the sides and back . The electrical and plumbing is all in and the drywall is all on the walls. Bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets are next to be installed.
They talked to the sprinkler system people and the fence people so everything is going great. Very exciting !
Have a great Friday