Month: March 2013

JD 9330 4×4 articlulating 1/2 scale tractor

halfscalejd9339, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

1/2 scale jd 9330 tractor – A beautiful day today so Deb and I took off to Traverse City for the day . What a nice 45 degree day with the sun shining so nice just riding along with Deb having a fun time together just doing the simple things in life.
Todays tractor picture is the style of tractor I decided to try to model my latest 4×4 tractor project after. I roughed in the front right exhaust and air cleaner fender support frame . I also have the first rear fender roughed in . I found some steel exhaust tubing and made the big exhaust stack with the curved pipe at the top. Monday I will order my first metal since last year late summer. I will completely rebuild the hood as I have to lengthen it anyways . As far as the cab goes I will make it close to scale and have the rear of the cab slide in and out easy for me to drive it and plow snow with. When just being displayed the seat will be removed and the rear cab section will easily slip in to make it look to scale . This is not my first rodeo but it could be my last at my age, ha,ha,ha. So I just got to build it as a JD like all the JD tractors we had and still do have on the farm . They even still have the jd 530 and the jd 4020 that I used to drive when i was on the farm. They don’t get much use but they do have them.
Nicole and Bill Closed on their house today – Very exciting day for Nicole and Bill and Terak . Everything went as scheduled and now it is theirs with their own keys to come and go as they please. Seven more days until the movers move the big stuff but they have a lot of small stuff to move everyday and a lot of curtains and blinds to put up. We can’t wait to see it in person and stay in the new grandpa and grandma wing, lol
Have a great Friday !!!

Garden Tractor 4×4 progress

anewfloor, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Hydraulic lines and brakes- Today I got all the new hydraulic hoses connected and refilled the hydraulic fluid . I also rebuilt the disc brake assembly and now have perfectly working brakes again. They had not worked since I bought the tractor. Someone overtightened the engaging lever and flattened it so I rebent it and rewelded it and fine tuned the brake shoes and back in business. You can also see I started building the new seat mount so the seat will move with the steering wheel instead of moving opposite . Tomorrow I will work more on the new floor and seat mount.
The hard part is done. Cutting and stretching the frame and rewelding it back perfect was the trickyest , then redoing the hydraulics was second trickiest . The new floor and seat mounts is much easier now. Once the seat is done then i will start the design for the rear fenders . I think it is going to look pretty awesome when I get done.
Cold air heading south out of Canada !
We got about three days in the 40’s this week and then the next shot of artic air is heading our way this weekend with lake effect snow in the forecast again. grrrrr
Have a great Tues.

garden tractor articulating frame lengthened

astretchedframe, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Home made tractors- I have searched the internet for many years looking for home made tractors . Some of them are awesome and some of them arent awesome but all of them are lots of fun . What is there left to do when you get old but make a home made tractor , ha,ha. May 12th I will be 61 years old and it took me almost a year to adjust to being 60 .
60 is a rough one no doubt about it . Everyday I look at the obits at how old peolpe are and many of them were 60 .
Yikes , so instead of making me depressed it does just the opposite and makes me want to go have fun and enjoy one more day God has given me because there really is a good chance it WILL be my last, lol
Where the H____ is SPRING ?? Most people in town still have a ton of ice and snow on their roofs let alone the 2 feet on the ground . I am tired of plowing snow and I want it to warm up real soon.
At least I got a cool project to keep me busy in the meantime.
Tractor Frame – Todays progress picture shows my frame work making it 12″ longer. 1/2 in thick bar , 1-1/2 angle iron and 1/4 inch x 1-1/2 all welded together on each side makes for a very strong new frame . Now the dual wheels turn much farther and just right for my needs. I did some hydraulic hose work on the rear this afternoon too and have to redo one of the front larger hoses yet. I got to locate a hydraulic filter and change the hydraulic fluid before I fire it up for a trial run later this week.
Have a great Monday !!

Garden Tractor Pulling Tires

Tractor Pulling – Todays picture shows all 8 tires and rims on the tractor for the first time. You can see yesterday I removed the seat, fenders , fuel tank and disc brake assembly .
Today I will start planning how I will stretch the frame at least 12″ longer so the new duel wheels will turn without hitting each other .
This would probably do pretty good in a garden tractor pulling contest.
Garden Tractor Cab- My head is spinning thinking how i want to make this tractor look . If I made a cab for it to look right it would be very small . I don’t want a cab that looks too tall or too wide so not sure about the cab idea.
Degelman Blades- I have drooled over big blades on 4×4 tractors my whole life.
So I can’t wait to convert my front blade on this tractor to look similar to a awesome looking mini Degelman Silage blade. (:>)
I am getting a lot of positive response already on this project in just the last few days so it seems like there are plenty of people who like the mini 4×4 tractors with duel wheels (:>)
Have a great Sunday !!