Garden Tractor 4×4 progress

anewfloor, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Hydraulic lines and brakes- Today I got all the new hydraulic hoses connected and refilled the hydraulic fluid . I also rebuilt the disc brake assembly and now have perfectly working brakes again. They had not worked since I bought the tractor. Someone overtightened the engaging lever and flattened it so I rebent it and rewelded it and fine tuned the brake shoes and back in business. You can also see I started building the new seat mount so the seat will move with the steering wheel instead of moving opposite . Tomorrow I will work more on the new floor and seat mount.
The hard part is done. Cutting and stretching the frame and rewelding it back perfect was the trickyest , then redoing the hydraulics was second trickiest . The new floor and seat mounts is much easier now. Once the seat is done then i will start the design for the rear fenders . I think it is going to look pretty awesome when I get done.
Cold air heading south out of Canada !
We got about three days in the 40’s this week and then the next shot of artic air is heading our way this weekend with lake effect snow in the forecast again. grrrrr
Have a great Tues.