Month: April 2013

A rainy day and a empty tractor box equals fun

afunnyterakpicture, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

12v john deere tractor – Well today were getting rain so no driving the new 12v john deere outside . Instead I decided to go get the empty box the tractor and trailer came in and I cut out a door and some windows. Terak has played in the box all morning . He loves the box as much as the tractor , ha,ha.
It brings back memories when Nicole was 2 or 3 years old and I did that for her and she loved it also.
She said she remembers it well having fun in those boxes with a door and windows that open and closed.
Sometimes the simplest things can create lifetime memories. I’m sure Terak will remember this tractor box even when he grows up. (:>)
Northern Va. red clay. – WOW, what Va. to do landscaping . There is NO black dirt , it is solid red clay. What a change digging in this stuff and every shovel full is one big chunk of sticky gooy clay. But it is still fun helping Nicole and Bill in the yard.
Bill should get his new 500series john deere delivered this week.
Nicole picked out her choice today (:>)
Have a great Monday !!

A fun memory with Nicole

ashrubs, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Today Nicole and I had fun going to a couple landscape nurseries looking at shrubs, bushes and small trees. We ended up with 16 small shrubs, one japanese maple and two pots. This is the first time the two of us did this and it was a great little memory.
Deb was having fun with Terak and Bill was working on the new patio .
Have a great Sunday

Bill’s New John Deere Tractor

anewtractorforbill, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Yesterday Terak got a new 12V John Deere tractor and he was so excited. Today, Terak’s daddy got a new John Deere tractor and he was so excited! This morning we drove to the local John Deere dealer to look at a new tractor for Bill and everything worked out perfect for Bill to get this 500 series. So now Nicole, Bill and Terak live in the country and in their garage sit 2 new John Deere tractors. Now Nicole wants a horse, a couple cows and a chicken, haha. Now we have to go get something for Nicole so she is just as excited as they are and no, she doesn’t want a John Deere tractor! Have a great Saturday!

Terak Gets a New John Deere Tractor from Grandpa

anewtractor, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

12V John Deere Tractor – Today’s picture shows Terak excited to see his new John Deere Tractor. I wanted to buy him one a year ago but his mom thought I was rushing it. So now that he is nearly 2 1/2 years old, it is time. Nicole thought he would be terrified of it but I showed him where to put his foot and off he went with Grandpa walking beside him.
He’s a little inexperienced at steering it yet and I have to correct his aim on the sidewalk but give him a day or two and he’ll be a pro.
Have a great Friday !!