Month: May 2013

Garden Tractor Pulling , custom exhuast stack

acustomexhaustsystem, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Home made tractors- Today I got half of the sanded parts primed. I also cut and welded together the new custom exhaust system for the mini jd 9630 tractor. Tomorrow I will work on the hood again and hopefully get it all primed by tomorrow night .
Cool frosty weekend – It was chilly camping in the motorhome over the weekend . We are getting pretty old to be out there ruffing it like that. How is a person supposed to get a decent nights sleep with the furnace kicking on and off all night , ha,ha,ha. The motorhome is about 16 years old now and it has been great camping all those years. Because we live up north we never had to drive very far to a campground and yet it was still great fun .
Alma Highland Festival – We enjoyed the Highland festival on Sat. with my folks and enjoyed the bagpipe music and the craft show and met up with some old friends and relatives for some nice visits.
The weather was perfect in the 60s and 70’s .
Have a great Monday

Garden Tractor Shows

Sanding the hood today on the mini jd 9630 . Todays picture shows me doing body work on the engine hood. I have most of the other parts all sanded already. I’m going to get a coat of primer on all the bare metal parts and then I will get back to building more on the tractor. The parts are 90% done so there is not a lot to build yet . One full week of fabricating yet and it could be ready for paint. This is by far going to be my favorite garden tractor and my grandsons hot rod jd is going to be my second favorite. I have enjoyed working on these a lot. I’m hoping by next summer to take all of them to a garden tractor show and display them . None of the tractors are completely done so i can’t display them this summer. I still have unique attachments I want to build for each tractor to really set them off when they are being displayed. I want people to walk up to my display and see several tractors like they have never seen before and walk away with big smiles on their faces. Whenever I see unique custom garden tractors it brings a huge smile to my face and I always compliment the owner on a job well done.  Have a great Wed.

Big Exhaust Stack !!

abigpipe, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Check out the dia. of this pipe, wow.
My folks are not doing so good so we decided to keep our camper down in pole barn for the summer on the farm for the first time and go down and see them more often to help my mom.
Well to my surprise my older brother told me I could not do that because he had a stack of boards in the back of the pole barn he might need sometime. I told him I had cleared a area so he could still get the boards out and he got very mad . Would you believe my brother came up to me and shoved me in the chest with both hands and almost knocked me down.
My brother and I have not spoke for a couple years , in fact my brother has never commented on a single model I have ever made . In the 30 years of living in Gaylord my brother stopped every year here in town for a meal and never once called to see if we wanted to meet him. In 30 years my brother has never called me on the phone . The only facebook comments from him were negative .
So was I surprised when he let me know I could not put our camper back in the pole barn . So you can imagine my surprise again when he hit me in the chest with both hands and almost made be fall backwards.
Then next were excited to show my family a couple pictures of Nicole and Bill’s new house .
Instead of my brother saying that is a nice house , he said he knew someone building a house three or four times that size. My brother also said if he puts scratches the full length of our motorhome it is my fault . Come on !, what is he ? 10 years old ??
Only way to get along with my brother now and not get beat up by him is to never talk to him again, ha,ha,
Our life is nicer when he is not around . Weddings are fun to get everyone together but I guess there is always one bully in the family .
Have a great Sunday