Month: June 2013

Degelman Silage Blade Project under way

adegelmanbladeproject, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Push Blades- Todays picture shows me making the first progress on my big blade for my big mini tractor, ha,ha. You can kinda get a idea of the overall size and shape now . I may also build some bolt on side wings like the real blades have too.
This blade is really going to make the tractor look awesome .
Tomorrow I work on the exhaust inserting some type of muffler inside the large stack because the straight pipe would be too loud and the engine needs some back pressure from a muffler.
Have a great Sunday

John Deeres and big blades

apairofblades, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Silage Blades – I cut out the first dozen parts now for my Degelman Silage Blade for my 1/2 scale John Deere 9630 tractor . I’ll post the first progress pictures soon . There is nothing cooler to me than a big old 4×4 John Deere with duels and a big old honkin blade on the front of it. (:>) It is going to be fun plowing snow with it .
Have a great Sat.

Horicon Works in Horicon, Wis.

acabmounted, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

John Deere 9630 Half Scale – Todays picture shows the cab now mounted for the final time. You can see the rear yellow and black stripes on the cab and the mirrors and top cab lights now attached for the final time too.
Today I will install the floor of the cab and the front plate on the grill that holds the decal . All that is left to do now is figure out a small dia. muffler to go inside the big exhaust stack as it would be way too loud with just a straight pipe. Then I need to order a gas tank to mount under the front of the hood. I still want to redo the rear hitch and put some realistic looking hydraulic hookups on the rear of the frame too. Next week I could actually start on the blade .
Have a great Wed.