Month: July 2013

Teraks first time in the shed

abackshed, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Broken toys- Funny now looking back at these toy tractors and all the ideas I had to rebuild them into custom tractors . Many of them i got without tires and planned to put cooler tires on them . Little did I know within a few years I would not be building any more farm toys nor would i be building any toys that small . I still have days that I think about building small toys again but the planning , designing every hand made part is so time consuming . Dremel discs are so expensive and you go through so many of them when you figure out the many hours of labor involved in making a smaller detailed toy when I am done it figures out to less than minimum wage.
For now I am having a great time working on the garden tractors. None of them are completely done and this winter I will go back and finish each one of them. Although the hardest part is done on four of them they all still need more work. I want to take one of the other ones and rebuild it into a John Deere D . We had one of those on the farm too. Terak sure loves all the toys around here and next summer he will be 3.5 years old and even enjoy them more. Soon they will be heading back home but we sure have had a great time. The cooler weather has even been nice as we do not like 90 degree dry weather.

Articulating Toy Tractor

articulatingtractor, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

First toy project- Nicole and Terak were in my back shed yesterday and it was Teraks first time in there. He saw all the toys I have waiting for him someday to play with. Most of them have no tires but he didn’t seem to care, ha,ha.
I showed Nicole this old tractor and this old sign and told her this is where my model building all started. I saw a fellow who customized a two wheel drive toy tractor to make it look like a jd 7020 4 wheel drive . He wanted $250.00 for it . So i came home and got out my lincoln 220 stick welder and decided to try making my own . Well one thing lead to another and I never finished it . Instead I ended up building dozens of one of a kind models of farm toys, construction toys and mining toys . Nicole wanted me to drag it out into the workshop so i did but it really is just a old piece of junk . The old john deere sign she said she would like to put in Teraks room. As i sat and looked how crude and rough it was i still have to think about how everyone has to start somewhere and the difference is with many people they give up after looking at this , ha,ha. I never gave up and kept on going trying to make new models of new machines. It has been a fun 16 years of model building .