Month: September 2013

Letourneau Cab Parts

aletourneaucabinterior, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Letourneau Mining Equipment- Todays progress picture shows the inside of the cab now finished and I’m working on the 4 recessed lights and the three spotlights on the top of the front edge of the cab roof. I also started removing the 6 hydraulic cylinders to add the steel lines where the black flexible hoses will connect to them. I bought paint today and should get the parts all built this week and paint them this weekend. Still hard to imagine how the finished model will look yet but I am happy how it is coming along.
Cat Articulating offroad truck – I am very excited to also get started on the Cat offroad truck model. It will be another fun project i have always wanted to build.
Northern Michigan Fall Colors -This morning Deb and I drove over to Traverse City and we saw quite a bit of color in the woods. Not brilliant colors but nice. This very warm weather may not produce bright colors this year.
Have a great Monday !!

Fall Harvest in Central Michigan 1

afallharvest4, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

St. Louis , Michigan , Pleasant Valley – I took this picture and some videos on the farm yesterday as David and his dad combined the second field of black beans this fall. Shortly after i hopped inside and rode a while with David and took a little video from inside the Case-IH 2577 Combine. It was the first time in 40 years riding through the fields as i did when i was young. It brought back some memories but back then we did not have cab on any tractors or the combine. So this was much nicer of a ride, ha,ha. The picture below this is David on one the the newer tractors with a cab, ha,ha.
Central Michigan Sugar Beets – We saw the first Sugar Beets harvested yesterday also but I wonder if they are being hauled up north for deer feed.
Soy Bean Harvest began- We also saw three area farmers harvesting the very first soy beans . Another week yet and all the farmers are going to have to go back to work.
We had another fun visit with my folks and took them to the doctors appointments. They sleep a lot so I head over to the farm and Deb heads out to the motorhome to relax and read. Our next visit we will winterize the camper for this year.
It was a great 63 days we spent down on the farm this summer. We hope my folks will still be hear next year but at my age i am wondering if I will be hear next year, lol.
Have a great Sat.

Letourneau Coal Pushing Dozer Progress

aengineday2, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Letourneau Equipment – Today I posted this picture and another one below this one . They show this weeks progress as I cut out the engine side openings and rear grill opening .
I welded the rear screen in place and got the engine and generator built and attached inside the frame. Another new part is the duel air cleaners mounted on the side next to the ladder.
Behind the cab you can see new housings also . Next I will remove the cab shell and go to work on the inside and outside to get farther along on it.
I am pleased so far with the progress on my very first model after one and a half not building them.
Have a great Wed.