Month: October 2013

National Farm Toy Show , Dyersville, Iowa

6312094952_b779767f23, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Field Of Dreams, John Deere Tractor Assembly Plant in Waterloo , Iowa.
First Place Winner Don Campbell of the 1998 National Farm Toy Show scratch Built Toys.
It is hard to believe it has been 15 years now since I entered my first toy building contest.
I only entered one more contest after that and I was lucky both times to win first place. After that I never wanted to compete again.
I did not like how some people acted negative towards me after I won. So that was the end of my entering toy building contests.
But it sure did not stop me from going on and building many more one of a kind models.
The National Farm toy Show in Dyersville starts tomorrow and for 8 years Deb and I would set up a table and be part of the excitement .
Claire Scheibe , owner of Toy Farmer magazine and organizer of the Show stopped at my table and told me that my models were very nice and he wanted me to build him a couple special pieces that he had on the farm when he was young.
I built him 2 special toys for their Toy Farmer Museum and he had a third one in mind but sadly he passed away.
Claire also told me that after my appearance at Dyersville that first year that I would never be able to catch up on toy orders again. I thought that was very exciting and I told him that sounded too hard to believe .
He was right !, to this day I get requests for a special model to build for someone every few weeks. The last few years I rarely take a toy order and instead i just build the machines I like and then people contact me if they like them.
But it all started back in 1998 in Dyersville Iowa.
Deb and I visited the Field Of Dreams baseball field for several years just a couple miles from Dyersville and I guess I could really say That little town brought me my own Field of Dreams (:>)
We have so many fun memories in the little town of Dyersville, Iowa.
The National Farm Toy Museum is also located in Dyersville and I am proud to say two of my models are on display their .
Hope all of you heading to Iowa today for the show have a great time.
I thank God for even giving me the talent to build toys.
Have a great Thurs.

Steiner 60 inch mower Deck $400.00 Slip Scoop $500.00

ajdsnowblowerforsale, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Steiner Seat, Gas Tank , Fenders , hood – $300.00, Ariens 48 in 2 stage snowblower converted to fit JD 425, 445 or 455 , has hydraulic lift and hydraulic chute, new hydraulic lines. asking $300.00
JD 430 Diesel side engine covers – very good condition – $200.00
Massey Ferguson 50 inch rear snowblower,
very good condition -$600.00
Bolens 54in hydraulic angle blade-$300.00
Steiner 60 in mower deck- $400.00
Steiner slip scoop hydraulic dump bucket -$500.00
JD 59 inch snowblower converted to rear box scraper, still has the rear gear box and it is worth $500.00 asking $400.00 for the scraper . Also have the snowblower chute and cylinder and blower fan for $200.00 more. Three point hitch crane/ forks -$400.00 JD 46 in snowblower adapted to fit jd 425 445 455 , quick tach mount not needed. $500.00
JD 828D walk behind snowblower , one owner and used less than 10 hours.
I have never used it in salt , it was for the back yard only. has electric start- $600.00
Too many projects and time to sell off some stuff. All prices are negotiable .
One year ago our daughter wanted us to move to Va. but they were just starting to build their new home. So we all kinda pushed it aside. But now that They are settled Nicole really wants us to live closer to them so we can see Terak grow up . We only see each other 4 times a year.
We looked at a few neighborhoods last week when we were their about 30 minutes from them. My older sister and brother are here to take good care of my folks. Each day we do not know what will happen and put it in Gods hands. If it is his will then we will move to Va. We do not have much compared to most people but Deb and I are best friends and we know how important that is . But first of all is thanking God everyday for giving us just one more day together.
I’m not a perfect Christian and I actually like many non Christians more than I do Christians.
I see so many of them are all about Religion and not about Faith .
Watching them and hearing the things they say often tells a lot.
So to all you Christian and Non Christian friends of ours have a great day !

Craigslist Items For Sale Today

ajdwalkbehindblower, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

JD walk behind Snowblower with less than 10 actual hours .
JD 430 diesel side covers
JD 430 single stage snowblower converted to fit jd 425, 445 or 455. Quick adaptor not needed to hook it up.
Massey Snowblower rear mount
Ariens snowblower converted to fit jd 425, 445, or 455 .
Three point hitch crane and folding forks for light loads on pallets.
Steiner slipscoop hydraulic bucket. Less than 20 hours use, very good condition.
Steiner Fuel tank , fenders, and hood in very solid shape.
Steiner 60 in mower deck
Time to get rid of some stuff . these were all projects of mine over the years and I modified each one to use on my own garden tractors. The walk behind jd snowblower has never been used in salt from the day it was purchased brand new. It has less than 10 hours use.
I had many hours of enjoyment working on these projects but as I reach the elderly stage of my life it is getting harder to putter like i use too. I still have a few projects left just in case I do get a spurt of energy one or two days a month , lol
I actually have more fun dragging things home and getting them to look like new again than I do actually using them.
Maytag Dryer JUNK- Our 20 year old Maytag Dryer quit 2 days before we left on vacation. Deb used it one hour and yesterday it quit already. My mom bought a new dryer 6 months ago and it has been fixed three times now. This country is in big trouble as we cannot even build a simple dryer.

Have a great Tues.

Sugar Beet Harvest in Central Michigan

abeet8, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Red River Beet Harvesters- Todays picture is the view I had yesterday from one of six JD tractors down on the farm .
As tired as we were yesterday making the long drive home from D.C. we got the call from Tim and Alex that they were harvesting Beets. They both want me to build them a Beet Harvester model so i figured I better stop and take a couple dozen pictures and several videos to help build some detailed models.
SIX nice shiny John Deere Tractors and two Red River Beet Harvesters, two side dump carts and 6 nice shiny semi trucks. What a sight to see and me right in the middle of it all . I rode for a while with Tim as he pulled one of the Beet Harvesters and then I rode with Alex for a while . This is Alex’s first season pulling the beet cart and he did awesome.
I was also going to ride with Lee in the pusher tractor but we had to get going.
I asked Tim how the sugar prices were as he sells the sugar beets this week? He said sugar prices are way down but he got a big smile when i told him we ate a lot of sugar on on our vacation lol.
Now I have plenty of info to build the models in case we don’t get back down again.
A Case of the MONDAYS- Deb and I are moving pretty slow our first morning back from a great D.C. vacation.
We know summer is over and our car rides are done. Time to settle in for the winter and go back to working in the shop and building toys and time for Deb to stock up on chocolate bon, bons and get comfy watching reruns of Gone With the Wind , lol
Have a great Monday (:>)