Month: November 2013

A One of a Kind Mack Toy Truck For Christmas

Macktruckpaintedone, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

24 days til Christmas and Deb and I got in the spirit again today . We went and bought all the goodies for fondue . For over 40 years we have had fondue at Christmas time and we still will but today we just got crazy and went outside the box, ha,ha. It tasted yummy !! Also threw a couple steaks on the grill after I brushed the 13 inches of snow off it, ha,ha.
Toy Truck – I enjoy looking back on past toys i have made and posting them again . Now that the pressure is done from the many hours of cutting out the parts and welding them all together it is nice to look at my toys again like other people would look at them. Just as a toy truck that is 15 feet long with the lowboy trailer. I have built over 20 toy trucks and this is one of my top five favorites , maybe top two or maybe this is my favorite , anyways it is right up there (:>)
I had my doubts if I could make the hood, fenders and and cab look right or not. There is lot of guess work when framing in the first parts , then a lot of standing back and looking at different angles. I got lucky with this cab and I did not have to redo anything and it turned out pretty good.
I know i am a little old to be building toys and I used to be embarrassed to tell people I make toys . But now I am old it is ok to have a hobby making toys. This is the first year in th elast 18 years I have not completed one toy in my workshop. I switched gears a year and a half to garden tractors and I had a blast making my mini tractors. I almost have the Letourneau wheel dozer done and the Cat offroad articulating truck is half roughed in so it is still possible I could complete one toy before Jan. 1st. If I get real ambitious I could even finish the Cat off road truck.
I have not exactly been sitting around, I work in the shop everyday but not on toys lately. This week I have worked a lot on my Waldon mini front end loader. I bought all new ball joint linkages and new cables for the choke and throttle . So I got that pretty much done today .
Craftsman 5.5 ” vise – I have three Craftsman vises that I got over 30 years ago. A month ago one of them broke , the inside threads stripped out so I took it apart and just sat it aside knowing I still had 2 more bench vises. Well yesterday the second one broke and it also stripped the inside threads . These are old well built vises from the early 70’s . We ordered the parts for them and then we shopped around today to look at new ones. They are all made in china !! Wilton makes a vise that is made in the usa and it is $500.00 . yikes !!
So it sure makes me appreciate my old Craftsman vises . We asked Sears if they replaced the wore out parts free and they said no. Not on vises. Our manuals for the vises says right on them lifetime warranty for all parts. We didn’t argue about it.
Anyway were enjoying the countdown to Christmas !!!
Have a great Sat.

Home Made Garden Tractor Cab Window Installation

aaacurvedwindshield2, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Garden Tractor Cab Project- Today I am working on the windshield and it is taking a while . The side windows I installed them flat but the front and rear will have a nice curve in them more like a real tractor cab. It’s hard to see but there is a 3 inch curve in the front windshield. I had to make a top and bottom curved frame and next I will work on the sides of the frame. After that comes the mounting bracket design and then I have to modify the front top cab lights, the wiper and the mirror bracket and the strobe light bracket. So there is quite a bit to this front window installation. The side windows are in and it looks 100% finished.
More snow today – Were getting light snow again today so I’m sure we will have a couple more inches by morning. That should give us close to 12 inches. It’s lake effect snow so not great for snowmobiling yet. cold temps are perfect for the Treetops and Boyne Mountain Ski resorts.
No bake cookies – Deb made a batch of no bake cookies and they go great with buttery popcorn sitting next to the fireplace
roasting chestnuts as the cat and dog snuggle up to us listening to Christmas Music and drinking our favorite Sparking Grape Juice.
Life is good , not great !! by no means lol , but were very thankful this Thanksgiving and looking at the positive.
Actually we have no fireplace , no dog, no chestnuts, and no sparking grape juice but were still very happy (:>)
No one knows what tomorrow brings but I do know that God gave us this one more day to enjoy. (:>)
Try to see positive today
Have a great Tues.

Home Made Cab Windows for my John Deere

aaacabwindow, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Home made Tractor Cab- Todays picture shows the side windows attached and the front window just sitting in the opening. I’ll wait until all four windows are fitted before I peel off the protective covering. I am using Lexan again and I used it for the first time on the home made cab I made for my mini loader windows. At first I was concerned about drilling a bunch of holes in it and maybe cracking it . Then once I got going I tried cracking a extra piece and i could not. I even tried to bend it completely in half and it did not break. So it really is durable for garden tractor window cab . I clened the cab windows several times and it doesn’t seem to scratch very easy either. Just have to wet it down and be a little careful but I am very pleased how well it is to work with.
They make a thicker and a thinner size and I used the thinner size . 1/8th inch thick .
Gaylord Ski Resorts and Snowmobilers.
Although the snowmobile trails won’t open for a couple more weeks the area ski resorts are going to be open for Thanksgiving weekend .
More snow in the forecast all this week and temps in the 30’s should keep things white for a while.
Have a great Monday !!