Month: December 2013


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Drunks on the road – If your a drunk today is your day. More of you will will be on the road today than any other day of the year. A few of you will kill someone but you will likely survive leaving a family torn apart forever.
Drunks are a big part of our economy and much needed to sustain the thousands of bars around the country.
Our local news just announced another micro brewery may be built in Northern Michigan. Just what we need !!
Most people are struggling enough without having the dad spend his last $50.00 dollars at the bar every week.
Deb and I never liked the taste of alcohol of any kind so we do not drink thankfully.
One or two drinks is fine every week but if you actually get drunk every week that is pretty sad.
Many people will take a cab or have a designated driver tonight but most drunks won’t do that.
Watch out for any car from noon on today that might look even slightly out of control because these drunks are usually drunk in the morning . Go get drunk , Have a Blast and forget all your troubles tonight But don’t be stupid !!
Happy New Year !!!

Weather Channel to shut down , lay offs started

Weather Channel Sucks say thousands of people and the producers are feeling the negative effects.
After Al Roker took over with his million dollar paychecks , they tried to turn a show that people have gone to for many years to get current weather . It is now very hard to find the weather because of constant rerun crap being played over and over. The show went from 10 people in front of the camera now to close to 50 of them. Often times 4 or five people together giving one weather report. Several times this last year we had big storms heading our way and we could not get anything on the weather channel , not even the local on the 8’s .
Now it is coming back to haunt them as layoffs begin and viewer numbers continue to decline by the hundreds every week.
With thousands of record storms the last two years the people need more weather , not less weather. Rumor has it soon it will be the Al Roper Show and there will only be weather 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes at noon , supper and 15 minutes at 11:00 pm.
I recently got on line to see if anyone else hates the New Al Roker weather channel and I am not alone.
Bye Bye Al Roker and your million dollar paychecks.
Have a great Monday !!

Roof Shoveling Done , Yippee

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Todays picture shows me taking a break after all the roof shoveling was done. Thanks again Bill for your help. Next time I’ll go back to doing it all myself. (:<)
It kinda looks like I fell off the roof , ha,ha,ha. but we were just joking around.
35 degrees !! SUN !!! – We thought we were in Florida today when it hit 35 degrees !! And we had a full day of SUN !! Two things we have rarely seen in the last four weeks. But it is not sticking around as temps plunge again tonight and all next week below 10 degrees for high temperatures.
Deb and I took Nicole out for lunch today to Buffalo Wild Wings . The music was half as loud and we knew not to order wings and we had a good lunch with Nicole while Bill took Terak to see his folks . Usually we take Nicole out one time while they are home.
New Burger Joint in Gaylord – We asked the waitress today what was going in the empty building next to the new BWW and she said a high end burger place . DaveNBusters is what it is called and it is also owned by BWW
Gaylord Snowmobiling – We are hearing plenty of snowmobiles now around Gaylord and good news for the local economy.
More snow in the forecast for us tomorrow.
Have a great Sat.

Gaylord Snowfall 2013

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Roof Shoveling – Bill got the workshop roof and the back half of the garage shoveled this morning and tomorrow he will work on the back side of the house. It is really deep. Once Bill goes home then it is my turn after that, ha,ha.
The sledding hill is getting bigger out back.
Babysitting – Nicole and Bill went out for date night again and were babysitting Terak. He has been walking around saying Tim Bissell , Tim Bissell . Too Funny.
He is such a nice little boy , very easy for us to babysit him.
No snow today , yippee !! My Fisher snowplow stopped working so after a hour of puttering I got it fixed again. Just a bad ground after sitting so many years.
Waldon loader- I have plowed with the mini loader now four days in a row with no breakdowns but I am hearing a new noise and afraid to leave the yard with it fear of breaking down on the road. (:<)
The little loader owes me nothing as i have had a lot of fun with it. The forks are so handy all summer moving things around.
Mini jd 9630 – I have not plowed snow again after that first time with the little JD 9630 4×4 articulating tractor. Since I got the windows in the cab it has not left the little workshop.
Model Building – No models for 2013 , that’s right , this is the first year in 18 years I did not complete a single model. Not that I have been laying around , I been very busy building the mini tractors . After the first of the year I will get going on the models again.
I’ll be ready to get back to the workbench .
It has been a nice break.
Heat Wave- Tomorrow it is supposed to hit 35 degrees !!! Yippee I want to pull the car out and hand wash it and we will for sure be grilling steaks !! We got one nice day then back to single digit temps again . We rarely get sun here either and the sun looked so nice today !!
Have a great Friday