Month: January 2014

John Deere Plowing snow VIDEO

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jd 4×4 articulating Tractor Video
I been getting a lot of e-mails wondering when I was going to do a second video of the little 4×4 articulating tractor plowing snow .
So today Deb came out in the backyard and took the second video of it in action. This is the first time plowing 4 or 5 inches and it really worked great. A couple times I hit the rock hard frozen bank and it stopped the tractor and spun the tires but for the most part it really pushed a lot of snow without spinning the tires. The blade is not worth much now with so much snow and no place to push it and that is why next winter I will have a snowblower on the front of it instead.
Countdown to King Crab Legs and the Super Bowl. (:>) Only once a year I can justify buying King Crab legs. I don’t like the smaller ones , only the biggest ones with lots of meat in them.
The big crab legs are not cheap and that makes them taste even better. I almost feel guilty eating them, ha,ha. Not really LOL
Low Salt – Propane shortage , firewood shortage and now salt shortage. Deb and I are debating to use the salt in our salt shakers from the kitchen table on the driveway LOLH
Actually we bought 6 or 7 bags a few weeks ago so were in good shape for the rest of the winter.
Downstate where we grew up they are complaining big time about all the snow. So far they have around 40 inches for the whole winter and they have had dozens of days above 40 degrees since Nov. 1st.
We have 140 inches and just 10 days since Nov. 1st above 40 degrees. It is kinda cute seeing so many people downstate getting crabby about their hard winter. They don’t have a clue what a Gaylord winter is like . Even a mild winter in Gaylord we get 150 inches of snow.
Have a great Friday !!!


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Mailboxes – Deb took a few pictures today of our neighbors mailboxes. Here is the best one and the other five pictures Deb took were bad , you could hardly even find the mailbox. The mailman cannot be happy about pulling up to them. It isn’t just my few neighbors , all over town people are tired of shoveling out their mailboxes everyday. Of course my driveway is perfectly clean 30 feet on both sides of my driveway. I could not stand a messy driveway. Everytime it snow just one inch I am out hand shoveling it . If you keep driving on it you end up with several inches of solid ice. Some of my neighbors are already driving over a 10 inch hump at the end of their driveways because they just keeping driving over it and won’t shovel it.
More snow in the forecast today but it did warm up to 25 degrees and the salt on main street is turning to some slush. But all the rest of the streets are solid ice.
Deb and I went out for lunch and then we headed to the store for Superbowl Goodies.
We got cheese and crackers, a couple of our favorite chips , chicken wings , but most of all my once a year treat
is King Crab Legs !!! Not the little ones, but the BIG ones , yummy !! I been saving pop bottles all year to buy these I can’t wait . I am almost more excited about the king crabcrab legs than the Superbowl, lol
Waldon loader – After tonights storm we are supposed to get three days with no snow and I will fire up the Waldon Loader and stack some snow at our house and two of the neighbors. I love that little loader.
Fisher Plow – I have plowed my driveway now three mornings and it is a lot of fun. So glad I put it back on the road and so glad I am using the plow after not using it for five years. We figure the truck and plow won’t be worth anything when it comes time to sell it so we might as well get some winter use out of it.
American Idol- Tonight is the last night before the finalists all head to Hollywood.
We are enjoying the show more this year with much less hurtfull negative comments and more kind constructive comments .
Have a great Thurs.

Gaylord Snowfall 135 inches , yippee !!

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Plow Truck – My old 1996 GMC Z-71 has been stored pretty much the last 5 winters. I hate the salt and I never plan on buying another truck so I kinda babied it. It has 31,000 miles on it and I bought it brand new. I decided to put the plow on it just to see if the plow still worked. I never took the plow off so this week we decided to pull it out of storage and get some use out of it.
Because I have a jd with a snowblower and another tractor with a blade and a mini loader I just didn’t need the truck or plow.
Below zero temps helped me decide the warmth of the truck cab and the nice radio was pretty nice after all, ha,ha.
So until it warms back up to 32 degrees I might just keep using the truck and plow.
Atlanta Storm – Until you spend time in a big city for a while you can’t imagine real traffic jam. But because we have gone to D.C. over 25 times and a average visit of two weeks that works out to 50 weeks of us seeing real traffic jams. It does not take much to stop 8 lanes of traffic. Only one time we sat over a hour in a traffic jam . We were just one mile from the National Zoo . Finally we made a u-turn and headed out of the city and said we would come back another time. We have been to the zoo several times . Now seeing the terrible traffic in Atlanta we just feel so sorry for all those people trying to get home.
Even a bad traffic day in Gaylord is not that bad, ha,ha.
Have a great Wed.

Gaylord Snowfall 132 inches now .

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Hauling snow – Deb took this picture and a video of a local excavating business hauling snow out of the school parking lot today . Now we have 132 inches of snow and Feb. is usually a snowy month for Gaylord. We should get 50 inches of snow in Feb.
And we should get 8 more inches before the first of Feb. I st It is looking very promising to hit 200 inches of snow in Gaylord by spring. It is kinda exciting to see the five foot snowbanks along every road bringing back childhood memories of what real winters were like.
Lots of accidents every week in Gaylord but thankfully mostly fender benders.
We have no choice what the weather does so I try to think positive and just enjoy it. No warmup above 32 degrees in sight for at least two more weeks. 30 mph winds and one below zero for our high temps today . As I shoveled this morning my eyelids froze open four times and I had to move them with my glove to get them working again, ha,ha. Now that is cold. I spit a couple times and it hit the ground and bounced , lol
It’s kinda nice to see people down south get to experience a day or two of winter. I’m sure they want to have that feeling we get for several months every winter. (:>)
Have a great Tues. !!