Month: February 2014

Gaylord Snowbanks on our Street Today

aaasnowbanks9, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Unimog – Deb took this picture yesterday as the Unimog made it’s third pass this winter on our street. The machine makes about a five foot cut in the banks making it easier for residents to pull out of their driveways without getting hit by oncoming cars. If you look down the street at the 4×4 vehicle you can see the banks almost come to the roof of the vehicle. So imagine a small compact car and the driver trying to see . If you also look down farther you can see the Unimog blowing snow and it is almost to our house.
The City Workers have also been using two 4×4 wheel loaders pushing back the tall snowbanks at every intersection.
The bottom line is Mother Nature is in charge and we have to think positive and just see the good in all of this. I personally would rather have it snow a few days each week than just be cold and not snow.
Tomorrow is March 1st and that means only 8 more weeks of winter !! YIPPEE !!
Have a great Friday !! Think Spring (:>)

Gaylord Roof Shoveling

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Gaylord Herald Times – Our local paper is reminding residents to remove some of the snow off their roofs . Especially small sheds to eliminate them collapsing. Todays picture we took a couple blocks from our house of one of many campers in town with extreme amounts of snow on the roofs. Campers were really not designed to hold this much weight . We are lucky our motorhome is stored inside and out of all the snow. It will be in good shape with no roof damage for our camping this summer down on the farm again.
Thirty five below zero windchills tonight – We got maybe 2 inches of snow overnight and lots of wind . High temps today near zero and 20 below tonight . The weatherman is saying with the high winds tonight it will feel like 35 below zero. BRRR
This morning I was outside early shoveling the new snow and then I hopped in my truck and plowed it in windrows and then hopped on the little jd and used the snowblower to pile it up on top of my 8 foot tall snowbanks .
The plow truck does a great job collecting the snow and putting it in windrows . This cuts the time of the snowblower gears and driveshafts having to run and extends the life of the tractor too. I also plow the ends of the driveway for my two neighbors so they can get out until they do the rest of their driveways themselves later in the day.
American Idol , Randy Jackson ?? Very Strange Randy did not want to be a judge anymore but there he sits off a few feet from the judges . He says a few encouraging words before each person sings and no one can even here what he is mumbling . I’m sure he is getting a few million bucks for his expertise from being in a rock band 40 or 50 years ago. So I guess even if many people don’t like Randy , he is getting paid well (:>)
Two more days it will be March 1st and I think it is time to ( THINK SPRING )
Have a great Thurs.

Weather Channel , Gaylord Michigan 160 inches of snow

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Weather Channel – It’s funny the people from the weather channel spend thousands and thousands of dollars to fly to areas around the U.S. to show 4 or five inches of snow. Most of the time it is 2 inches and they stand in front of a snowbank that is from a wheel loader. What a joke !! Today Deb took a picture of me standing on our street showing what real snowbanks look like on every street in our town. These snowbanks are not from a wheel loader stacking it but from the City Snowplow driver with a large front side plow . Were now at 160 inches and that is no big deal but what is rare is not to have any days above 40 degrees in four months. The snow does settle some as it sets but I am not even standing on the road in the photo. It is kinda exciting to me to see these 6 foot snowbanks along every street. I have to give a pat on the back to the Gaylord City Snowplow Drivers this winter for doing a great job !!!
The unimogs are busy blowing back banks so people can see at intersections.
The unimogs can blow the snow back 10 feet or farther to get it out of the way.
More snow and high winds for tonight . I say if it isn’t going to warm up then I might as well be having fun playing on my little tractors in the snow.
As much as i like snow once March gets here even i want it to warm up in the 40’s
I still think we could hit 200 inches before it is done.
Flue Bug – Deb and I have both been sick for a couple weeks now and were just starting to feel a little better . this week. Not quite over it but finally feeling better.
Have a great Wed. !!

Gaylord Streets , 3 months of this

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Gaylord City Limits- Deb took this picture today of our street . For three months all our roads have been snow covered and slippery just like this .
Funny how different people say it has been 10 years since we saw this much snow and others say this is the worst winter they can ever remember.
The truth is all around the world disasters are happening every week that have never ever happened before.
Billions of dollars are spent on weather data and all they can say were not sure what is going on.
What a big waste of money . Thousands of weather experts around the world and not one of them is smart enough to figure out what is happening to be causing all these disasters.
How about all the radiation from Fukushima that has been saturating the earth now every day non stop and no way to stop it. Where is all this radiation going ?? Is it possible it could change the earths normal atmosphere to disrupt normal weather patterns ?? Common sense says that is the only big thing that has changed on this earth in the last couple years .
The bottom line is doctors have never even figured out a cure for the common cold and that is pretty scary !!!
Oh Well, the good news is it is all in God’s hands in my mind and it is what it is .
I’m no perfect Christian but I do find peace knowing it is out of my hands .
Not to worry about dying from radiation or the common cold instead enjoy this one more day even trapped inside for three months and no warm air in sight , ha,ha.
Have a great Tues. !!