Month: March 2014

Workshop Project Progress


Metal Fabricating – Todays progress report in the workshop shows me welding the foot rest in place for Terak and now I am working on the lower running board . You can also see I had two lights laying around so I mounted them on the fenders. I will have to beef it up quite a bit to hold my weight getting on and off one side or the other. I will also build a T-handle to hang onto just in case the ride gets a little too bumpy, ha,ha.
Top Stories – Missing Jetliner , this is just weird and is almost getting suspicious that someone is involved in a coverup .
We are supposed to be able to zoom in on a dime from space and we cannot see one single piece of that jumbo jet.
Looking more and more like it did crash land on some small island .
News – Washington mudslide reported a few days ago saying up to 175 people missing . Today they said there are 12 homes in the mudslide . How does the media get 175 people lived in 12 homes.
That is how desperate the news people are to enhance a story.
It is so sad but no need to lie to get more viewers.
World News -China to buy Walmart – I read a article yesterday about China pretty much owning Walmart right now but officially they will completely buy out the multi-Billion Company and all 8000 plus stores. The Clintons are planning to sign the final papers while Hillary is President.
Great Lakes Ice Problems – Scroll down below to the next photo to read about todays Ice issues on the Great Lakes
Gaylord Weather – 50 degrees today !! Oh Yea !!
Have a great Monday (:>)

Top Stories , News , No Ships Yet , Thick Ice in Great Lakes


TODAYS NEWS – If you live around the Great Lakes you are noticing there are little to no shipping activity a full week after the Soo Locks opened. Ice charts show it has been over 40 years since the ice has been this thick and stayed this long . 10 day forcast shows every night temps will continue to go below freezing . The Ice Breaker Mackinaw continues to hammer away at the thick ice trying to get a small convoy of ships to the Soo Locks downbound and three 1000 footer Ships continue to wait at Detour.

Pickers Reality Show

Custom Tractors – Todays progress picture on my little custom sulky project you can see the second fender now built and clamped in place. You can also see I have started to box in the rear to give extra support to the fenders. I’m sure my grandson Terak will be testing out those fenders, ha,ha.
Great Lakes Trouble in the ice – Scroll down to the lower pic to read about the ice issues and no boats at the locks yet.
MOREL MUSHROOMS – A sure sign of spring after all the snow is gone is hearing the first Morel Mushroom being picked . yum !
2014 Farming Season – Ohio farmers are probably moving the first equipment around with the snow gone. It must really feel like spring down there.
REALITY SHOWS – Deb and I do not like most of the Reality Shows and we were just forced to upgrade our TV and get many more channels . What a bunch of crap TV shows there are. So thankful for a few that are a little interesting . We like Pickers and we like Pawn Stars most of the time. Dancing with the stars is ok but the first few weeks is a popularity contest and the last three weeks the real dancers who are pre determined finish the show . The judges grade these people like they are professionals and that is rediculous . They know dang well half of these people cannot dance perfect . I’m surprised anyone even wants to come on the show anymore as rough as the judges are on them.
Gaylord weather – Not many signs of spring in the 10 day forcast . Not one night above freezing and that is what we need to start melting our tons of snow .
Have a great Sunday !!

Great Lakes Ice too Thick for shipping


LAKE SUPERIOR ICE TOO THICK – Todays picture shows a diver inspecting the damaged rudder after the crippled ice breaker was towed back to Duluth . Instead of a damaged rudder they found out that every bolt but one that held the rudder in place had sheared off in the thick ice. New 2 inch dia. bolts will be replaced and the breaker will get back to work tomorrow.
ICE BREAKER MACKINAW – Lake Superior is not cooperating as every night temps drop back in the teens or zero. A convoy of ships left Duluth last Monday and none of them have reached the Soo Locks yet. The Mackinaw has even struggled as it continues to backup and ram thick ice and only making a few more miles progress in the ice.
LAKE HURON – A third 1000 foot ship has now joined the other two 1000 footers waiting several days for a ice breaker to head upbound.
Gaylord , Michigan reports coldest winter on record and no sign of spring . With all the ice on the Great Lakes and over 2 feet of snow still on the ground even a 35 degree day yesterday had a windchill of 20 degrees.
Have a great Day !! Think Spring